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  1. I think he needs to come back to you on his own accord. Please try not to freak out and keep trying to get his attention, you’re clearly going through a lot and are at the stage of being desperate to not let him slip away. He will end up doing as he pleases but don’t let it be at your expense where it hurts you. Back away, go quiet and let him miss you. It didn’t work out with this woman the first time. Being dumped probably bruised his ego. Let him contact you first
  2. This is an awesome response! He end it 5 months before me though, I have my own place we are both paying mortgages but you’re right I need to make sure I’m happy too and slow the hell down
  3. This is an awesome response. I think it’s also that I have a house and we are both paying mortgages. We do love each other and want a future together, with us getting together was probably premature. He did end the relationship with her 5 months before me though. But I love your advice saying what I want before moving in and slowing the hell down we are together every night I mostly stay at his but he does come to mine and whenever I ask, I guess I’m the one in control here and if I’m pressured to move in I’ll tell him what I want first and take it slow.
  4. Agreed. He is very clean otherwise though his house is tidy and clean .. but those dogs omg
  5. Most of you are screaming out ‘married man’ I understand but this isn’t my issue, the divorce will come and he is constantly moving forward with finalising things. compatibility- yes I’ll agree. A few have said about the dogs that it’s disgusting and yes it is I hate it when they roll on their backs and rub into the rugs or drag their snouts across the carpet. Other than all this he is really good to me and 100% wants a future with me. He told me before we got together he was getting a divorce but wants to be happy he will be actively finding someone he wants a relationship and common interest
  6. It certainly would! But it’s just a house, it can be renovated and things replaced. I don’t know how to go about it given all these answers I feel like I don’t have a right to wouldn’t any of that bother you? I’ve seen posts where a lot of people can’t move into the ex wife home or the very least want to redecorate what would you do if you met someone that lived in the marital home and asked you to move in?
  7. I’m not really understanding, he wants me to move in does that mean I become completely submissive? I thought I could have a say in this? Put it this way if I wanted him to move in to my place I’d be asking what he would like to make it more his home to balance things out
  8. Ok can you tell me why? Legally he can’t file for divorce for 12 months. He was separated for 5 months but living under the one roof until she could move into the investment property. She is keeping the investment and he is keeping the other house they lived in. It’s JUST over 12 months. The divorce papers haven’t been submitted I don’t want to be a cold btch and pressure him I’m prepared to let the dust settle for another couple of months as long as he’s 100% sure it’s what he’s doing I’m fine with it. I’m guessing you could be getting at that the change of ownership and her removed off the t
  9. Thank you I appreciate your reply. He’s nearly there and he’s definitely moved on. They’ve signed the documents to take her name off the title they’re just waiting for it to settle. As I mentioned that’s the only time I will move in but I’m having doubts because of what she’s left behind, the dogs hygiene mostly
  10. And I totally get where you’re coming from. They have both signed the documents of change of ownership. There is no they anymore though. It’s us, as I said I won’t be moving in until it’s settled anyway.. this is more about the dogs hygiene manners and all her stuff she no longer wants that was left behind.
  11. I’m looking for some advice here please.. my partner is going through divorce and Nearly there. hes in the process of removing his ex wife off the title of the home he’s now living in. He wants me to move in I said I would after it’s been settled. I’m having doubts because he has 2 big dogs he lets inside all the time or one barks at the door. The dogs are sniffing around for food all the time, we eat in the lounge room and they come up close to you and stare one of them so close you have to protect your plate. I’m going to start eating alone in the kitchen. He lets them on the couch pats and
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