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  1. Spot on. I agree that trying too hard blocks them from actually reaching us. It is like they know when we need them. These dreams are special because they are so sporadic. It was good that you told your friend about her mother visiting you. Nobody would make up something like that. It gave her hope. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Thank you for sharing, I take comfort in knowing that people interpret their dreams like I do. Its these dreams we have during stressful times in our lives that speaks volumes. Not sure if its due to chemicals & whatnot, but regardless they make quite the impression...I am glad your brother agreed with your interpretation without even telling him. I don't know where I would be without the support of my family and friends....maybe that is why your dad visited you in your dream? He might've felt your worries and wanted to make the notice meaningful for you, and/or maybe to make you feel bett
  3. Thank you so much, pippy. This is exactly what I needed to hear....
  4. Today marks 6 months away from my best friend. She passed away unexpectedly in May, and I've been reflecting on past dreams, emotions, and memories...trying to feel better. I would like to explain a dream I had that I am certain was a visitation dream, but I would like opinions and thoughts from fellow dream interpreters! So, I was in this beautiful garden. This garden was covered with flowers and green grass. It was circular, with a big white gazebo in the middle. A river flowed around the gazebo, and the only way to get to it was to cross a white wooden bridge covered in vines and flow
  5. I suppose I was quick about this degree program, but I am extremely unhappy with my job of two years right now (technician assistant) and wanted something more. Working in the veterinary field I learned is emotionally draining and those that do get little respect. I listened to my frustrations and maybe my decision to axe vet stuff all together was wrong because here I am, regretting things... However, I do want to experience different career paths while I am still young, maybe I would find an interest in business elsewhere such as HR or marketing. I believe my MBA, even if it may seem l
  6. Thank you!! I know the pay is much better for MBAs and the paths I can take are multiplied.. I actually do volunteer once a week at a bird rescue :) It is hard to go through it sometimes because I've manifested getting a veterinary degree for so long...I just hope this decision might be opening more doors than closing them.. thanks again!
  7. So for my entire high school/college life (maybe even since kindergarten.) I have been wanting to be a veterinarian. I worked my butt off in college (pre-vet studies) with a minor in business, and even had a ton of relevant extracurriculars such a large animal, small animal emergency, exotic animal experience, and leadership experience. However, I only got accepted to Ross Vet school (I was honestly expecting more, but my cumulative GPA was on the lower side, 3.5, with poor grades in organic chem...). I was going to go to Ross, but because of coronavirus Ross switched to online for the Fall. I
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