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  1. Good question.at this stage I don’t know anymore
  2. Thank you yes I think I can find better I’m a good man with a good heart I don’t need to be mistreated, actually nobody does. It’s been 5 days and she hadn’t even contacted me.to apologise
  3. Hi thanks for all your responses. Just want to add. This lady was married when she was young and it ended up a very abusive marriage he drank took drugs stole fro her. And also physically abused her and threatened to kill her. Would this be why she is like this.
  4. Thank you so much for your advice
  5. Yes I’ve met her about 20 times. Some times she can be lovely. But other times it’ like what she says to me she don’t care it’s hurting me. Now I know people from Eastern Europe can be cold I’m lost I’m 50/50 she has a daughter from previous marriage and I care deeply for her too.
  6. Hi I’m in relationship with over 3 years with a lady. And she lives abroad so different cultures etc. She always says things to hurt me and I keep telling her to stop. It’s like she don’t care. Now I do everything for this lady Financial support Holidays etc. If I say to her your words are hurting me she always says I’m not hurting you. Now we had o huge argument the other night and I hung up the phone. She message me next day saying good morning i saw the message but haven’t opened it. I hope this silent treatment will work. Because previous arguments I just text her back. And all is ok for f
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