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  1. To be honest I'm too overwhelmed and I'm just going to try to settle and devote myself to my child.

    I'm not going to file for divorce I'm going to leave all the messy stuff to him.

    I'm afraid of hisand his family reaction. They are very possessive of my child so anything can be expected.

    The weaker part of me wants to give him another chance to ask if je can live with me at my place, to try to be a real couple and by ourselves, maybe he can become more independent.

    But I feel that he cannot change.

  2. I left today.

    I mannaged to pack all my important things and got away.

    I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.

    It is difficult because I am the one that ended things.

    He immediately called and first asked me to come back then he used a more treating language.

    It would have been different if we didn't live with his parents.

    I feel sorry for him. He is a damaged individual that is mentally dependent on his parents.

  3. I'm new to this forum so excuse me if I'm not that clear in what I'm about to say.

    I have been married for almost two years now.

    We got married after a very short relationship which was wonderful and very loving.

    We saw eachother every day and he was extremely attached to me, which was pretty unusual because of the length of time we had known eachother.

    Right away in the relationship he expressed his wish to marry me and start a family.

    To be honest I had a feeling that we were rushing things but he was the first person that I really felt that I was in love with.

    I got pregnant and we got married.

    Right away, the problems started to appear.

    Just after the wedding he said that I should cut contact with my mom I should try to take advantage of her financially.

    At the beginning we lived with his parents know we live in a different part of rhe house whis is big-this is pretty usual in my country.

    The family dynamics is unusual.

    His parents are extremely controlling and manipulative. My husband is totally submissive to them and thinks that this is normal.

    He basically can not do anything in life without their approval.

    He spends at least three hours a day with them.

    It's a very strange and difficult situation.

    They want to control every aspect of my and my small child's life.

    Even when it came to where and how should I give birth-he completely ignored me and basically asked them where should I give birth.

    Basically, he isn't at all close to me, it's like he has this unbreakable unhealthy bond with his family that is completely ruining his life and he isn't aware of it.

    I'm thinking of ending things because every effort to talk to him is basically pointless.

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