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  1. Full moons are a time of ending and letting go of things that don’t serve you. In a little less than a week we have a full moon. I’m considering this my New Years Eve if you will. The thing is I don’t exactly have a ritual in mind. I have some affirmations that I recorded that I fall asleep too and play throughout the day. Someone was telling me I should make an altar and meditate to the candlelight with my affirmations playing in the background so now I’m doing research on candle magick Do any of you have a set full moon ritual
  2. It’s usually a red flag when you have to make such an important decision so quickly. At this point it’s really just me because with me living in an area so small most of the people I would ask for help know or know of my aunt and last thing I need is a “he say she say” petty drama. I’ve been through enough
  3. Where I live is small, word of mouth, and what most people would consider “backwards.” Most people OWN HOMES and in order to get a rental you literally have to know a guy who knows a guy. I got my place because one Sunday I went to church with my aunt and had a conversation with the landlord, who used to be my aunt’s employee (yeah she’s used to being the boss of EVERYBODY). I literally found out about this place the day before I made this thread... barely a week and a half ago. I’m just gonna see if I can get my old job, literally any job, see what other forms of help I qualify for, st
  4. It’s too long a story to explain but she starts arguments and then plays victim. Then when you decide to step away from her she calls the rest of the family and says that “she has no family” but when you try to be family she picks petty fights. It’s exhausting. Or one time when I was considering moving from my old place into a new and cheaper one (mind you it was her idea) she got mad that I found the place (because the place was further away from her) and threatened not to help me even after she said she would
  5. Okay I should have been more specific I can pay rent and bills in full but it’s a “rob peter to pay Paul” kind of situation. Other family members like her sister who she always scapegoats think I should do it because “she’s getting old and if she died I’d have something that belonged to me” But that’s not a good reason to me because first of all waiting for someone to die to cash in and only to cash in is plain wrong and who’s to say she’s going to give it to me? Who’s to say I won’t have to fight other family members for it? My next plan is YouTube which I have faith in but that mon
  6. About a year ago I moved out of my aunts house. We agreed to go half on the rent but because of COVID I haven’t been able to get back on my feet as promised. I get unemployment but that pays for my needs and nothing else. My aunt offered a place that she owns worth my half of the rent but I’m reluctant to go because she’s known to break boundaries. Even in the place I have now she pops up without calling even though I’ve told her more than twice not to. My fear is that I’ll get over there and she’ll be doing that AND more because now she’ll have a key. Also I have a mentally ill uncle th
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