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  1. Since my city is small, some of my friends know about her and I know her older brother from high school (older than me). My closest friends just told me based on the things that I told them that I should be careful and not invest emotionally on her and try talking to other girls since the things that she is doing seems a little bit immature and not worth getting too attached. Basically if I enjoy talking to her, that I should keep doing that while looking for another girl.
  2. We havent. She lives in my city where all my friends and family are, and I am currently in college abroad. I will come back to my city next summer.
  3. I understand it seems that way, what makes me doubt is why would she let me know about the guys that texts her and send me pictures of the things that they text her if she is going to cheat on me. Also giving me the password of all her social media accounts without me asking about it (which is where most of the guys texts her first). Im not going to lie saying I am not emotionally attached to her right now but i will definetely break up with her if she ends up cheating on me. I was very confused and thought I was overreacting and being a controlling bf since those are things she told me before
  4. I remember asking her if she liked the attention she received from all of those guys because I was thinking about it at a certain point. She just told me she dont like to make them feel bad by ignoring them or replying them badly. I was curious because she told me she was a reserved person and that I didnt have to worry about guys since she doesnt talk to any guy at all. However, these last months new "friends" keeps on appearing in her life and keep inviting her to eat outside. Although I know she doesnt like them and just think of them as friends that invite her food, I still feel uncomforta
  5. Yes you are right, I guess all I can do right now is trust her. It just bothers me that she knows he likes her but she still wants to hang out with him. My gf and I know he likes her since he invited my gf to play a phone game in where they ask only sexual questions, he also asked her if she had a boyfriend and asked her to send her a voice note so he can put it on his ringtone (this is the reason why my gf also put his voice note as a ringtone whenever she gets his messages). He used to text my gf everyday asking her to hang out with him to see the sunrise in the beach, talk and do many other
  6. Am I overreacting if I bring this up again to her? I feel like I am being controlling since we already had arguments about her old crush several times before. She has been texting me today and although I hate to be acting distant towards her I just cannot help it since I feel uncomfortable or upset everytime I think about it. I think I am just afraid to keep investing emotionally on her because of all of this.
  7. We are in a long distance relationship for 1 year already. She is amazing, she makes me a better person and I really love her. I know is the same for her since she told me she has never loved anybody as much as she does to me. However, we are always having conflicts over the same stuff again and again. She is always having guys flirting with her, sometimes she even hangs out alone with the guys. I told her how uncomfortable it makes me but she told me that she doesnt like them but she only does it because they pay her the food and icecreams. I was really uncomfortable but learned to trust her
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