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  1. Thank you so much for your insight. I am blessed that my family has been so supportive. I told one of my daughters what happened with Brady and she told me she would be happy to say the Rosary with me. Funny as she is not geared toward Catholicism but it was a very sweet offer. Also a bunch of her friends want to come over Thanksgiving and help me cook so that will be fun. Every year we have people come over for holidays who are disenfranchised. We always have a great time. I go back to work next week and I will be very busy. I think being off work and recovering from major surgery de
  2. Just need to add that he is not getting any more money no matter what. I have been very generous in the past. Money and friendship don’t mix well. Thank you again!
  3. My thoughts exactly concerning the money. That always made me very uncomfortable. The main thing I will miss is discussing the Bible and spiritual things. My husband does not go to Mass and is not interested in discussing spiritual matters unfortunately. My husband is supportive of my beliefs but he refuses to go to Church. My husband is just fine that Brady and I explore our spiritual interests together. So I will miss the spiritual aspect that Brady is so enthusiastic about. Also since we grew up together we have a lot of material to laugh about.
  4. You are very perceptive. Brady does think the world is ending. Brady is very intellectual which makes him interesting to talk to but he can be a bit fanatical, especially about the Church. Brady and I are Traditional Catholics. We go to Churches that celebrate the Mass in Latin, pre Vatican 2. He is convinced we are in the end times. I am not worried about the world ending. I work Trauma at the hospital and I am well aware that the world ends everyday for someone. It is the reality of our human condition. When Brady scolded me about missing Mass I replied that it was not a dire situat
  5. I have suspected that Brady is having mental issues. My Mother started acting out in some strange ways leading up to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Looking back I can now understand that her mental status was declining. Mother was always a bit eccentric so we just attributed her behavior to her personality. Her doctor saw it but we didn’t catch on initially. Thank you for your support.
  6. Thank you for your comments. My husband and I are close. We were all raised in the same Catholic Church. My husband is not interested in the spiritual and refuses to go to Mass with me. This is why I liked to discuss the Bible, Saints, etc with Brady. Brady is a PhD and is very good at interpreting information. My husband does not like to think too deeply whereas Brady and I loved to figure things out. My husband and my family understand how much I will miss Brady because he filled my need for critical thinking. That being said my husband and family are being super supportive. Maybe
  7. Happy Friday Everyone! I am a married female who has had a gay male best friend for over 45 years.....yes, we are getting old. My best friend played the organ at my wedding in 1979. My husband, myself and friend...I will call him Brady, all grew up together. My husband is not jealous so that was never an issue. So Brady and I usually talk everyday on FaceTime. We visit then say the Rosary together as we are Catholics. This year has been mega stressful for me. I had to go to court and take my granddaughter away from my oldest daughter due to abuse and neglect. My Mother went into extr
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