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  1. If I was in a good relationship, I might not be so upset about occasional porn use if I felt desired and valued. However, my problem with porn generally is based on the the behavior saw in my youth and having been objectified so much.
  2. 10 or 15 years ago I wouldn't have assumed that I would get more of the same but porn is so pervasive now that if a man is interested in sex it sees to be almost a given that will be a habit. When I say that I don't care what they do before I meet them, I mean that I don't care if they use porn as long as it's something they will happily stop in a relationship. Porn itself bothers me after what I saw growing up on an Army base but we do live in the modern world.
  3. Hi I never liked the men in my life to look at porn once we were together and after having been married to a secret porn addict (he was looking at it whenever he could I think), I just don't know if I can agree to go out with someone again. Yes, the sexless or very depressing sex life which exists with a porn addict has scarred me, but my feelings about porn have existed since I was very young. I grew up on an army base and the way that porn and strip clubs reduce sex to a transaction disturbs me. I don't care what a guy did before we got together unless he was unfaithful to someone. I like sex and want to meet someone but I don't want to be lied to again. Is it realistic to think I will meet someone who will respect this boundary?
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