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  1. Yeah and people also told me to keep writing if it was helpful to me. I found it cathartic and so I reached out again. I am working through the stages of grief/healing and right now I am feeling very guilty and worried about him. Maybe I need some reassurance that it’s okay to just let him be and that I don’t have to save everyone. Honestly your comment came off as very passive aggressive and not helpful at all. If someone is obviously in pain, why make a comment pointing out that they’ve already asked for help? What is the purpose of that? You made me feel embarrassed. It really helps t
  2. My ex (29, M) left me (28, F) about a month ago. Our relationship was great - very respectful, supportive, etc. We had the connection that you see in movies. We had our lives planned together. He left me because life has been hitting him really hard lately, and he’s grown pretty anxious and depressed. He said he felt guilty everyday because he didn’t have the mental energy to give to the relationship. He said he couldn’t be what I deserved right now. He said he needed to get himself help and in a better place before he could think about being with me again I’ve given him space for now bec
  3. I understand this. I told him that I understood, and that the most important thing was for him to get the help he needs. I told him I love him enough to let him go do what he needs to.
  4. Hi all, How can I move forward from this? Has anyone gone through something similar - do depressed people come back to you if they get their head straight? My boyfriend left me recently. He has been through a lot of trauma in life, and I always knew that his self esteem was extremely low and that he had that type of personality where he didn’t feel like he deserved help or support from anyone. He tried his hardest to open up to me, and he did open up a lot, but I could also tell he was holding back a lot and putting on a brave face. He was always used to facing life alone. Lately life
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