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  1. Hey, looking for some input on this. my husband's nephew has a ex girlfriend who has been in the family since before I married my husband. She been around for over 10 years and we get alone well alone. He is like a big brother to her, their both in their early 30s and a bit immature. so she sent my husband some pics of her and her son and another friend out and about.she also sent one with her sitting on a bed with a skin tight low cut cleavage showing dress. Now I know my husband is not interested in her that way, and I don't see her as a threat. So my question is this: should I talk to my husband about setting bounties with her, and let him take care of it. Because this bothered me, and she crossed the line and I did not appreciate it. If I decide to speak with him how would I broach the subject? or do I let it go? Thanks
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