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  1. It is, fortunately. But it’s rather limited now due to corona. It’s crazy
  2. Yes! These people dont deserve our time and energy. I do speak the local language and understand the culture more or less, but boy is it hard to make friends here. People are very reserved and try to protect themselves from anything different. So I have only found partners. Thank you for your advice and Im happy you dodged that bullet.
  3. Thank you so much for this. Amazing advice and your signature says it all, too. Im following this :)
  4. Hey, relax. There is no argument. Im asking for advice and people ask for more information to give me better advice. Thats all I see and Im happy about it.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I deserve better.
  6. You are right. 4 times is nothing. I will just move on and forget this evil creature. Easier said than done, but your advice definitely helps.
  7. No, I was bullied by family. I look for good people to have relationships with. My ex was a genuinely good person who Never insulted me and always respected me. We just had other goals.
  8. No, of course not. I dont love her. Im obsessed with her and cant let go. Sadly. I want to. I believe this happens maybe because im alone in a foreign country. Its low self esteem mixed with loneliness
  9. Thank you for your advice. Good to know!
  10. I am not attracted to people like that. I couldnt tell she was like that when I became interested in her. If anything, this behavior is repulsive. But for some reason I cant let go of her. In general, I am a person who leaves a relationship very fast if I see a red flag. But this time I always give her another chance. I have no idea why.
  11. I have seen her four times. I couldnt handle her behavior from day two, but I thought I was overreacting because I had been bullied repeatedly in the past and this time it wasnt that bad
  12. Shes rude at times but she took care of me when I was drunk, she cooked good food and made sure I was always comfortable and not bored. Im not sure she understands how rude she is, though.
  13. I dont understand that, either. Is it because im in love? It makes no sense. Im seeking therapy because I want to stop having such a low self esteem and stand up for what I want and what I cannot tolerate. No need to block her, she ghosted me. I just want to get over her
  14. Oh yes, predatory. She told me shes dominant. Yet that does not really justify her rude behavior.
  15. So I Met this Girl at an Event. Im also a Girl. We went to drink afterwards and I got tipsy and asked her to kiss me. It worked and she took me to her apartment, but as we were going there, I got completely drunk. We had sex but I forgot everything about it the next day. She told me I said horrible things about myself and I need therapy. Yet she agrees to see me again and she invites me to her apartment agai next week. I find her manners way too bad. She doesnt let me talk at times, she calls me names, shes really strict to me for no reason. Ive been bullied before, so I overreact. She explai
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