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  1. It just hurts so bad he won’t hear me out...8 yrs gone just like that i could see if i cheated or something. But the guy from the rape was someone i considered a friend we were cool we’d hang out, grab food...nothing more than platonic. And no we don’t have friends in common anymore
  2. Yes it happened right before i met him so i was still dealing with it. I believe he was hurt bc i kept a secret and didn’t not confide in him and also bc i wasn’t honest about it occurring when he opened up to me. It just makes me sad that this is the end of us and he won’t speak to me probably ever again
  3. I’ve been with my bf for 8 yrs. About 3-4 yrs into the relationship he said he couldn’t be with someone who was sexually assaulted. He made how he feels clear and was upfront about his experience with molestation as a child by males and females. I was raped but never told him or anyone just kept it a secret, it happened in the later part of my teenage yrs. Recently I’ve been dealing with depression (change in jobs and moving) I saw the guy who raped me on Facebook and it triggered old feelings about the situation. My boyfriend was helping me through the depressed episode by coming to stay with
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