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  1. Thank you to all who took the time to respond. I've read and re-read these. I do take all of the responsibility for being in this situation. I suppose there are a lot of reasons why, but those don't change the fact that I chose to stay in a relationship with a man I suspected was married. I'm not looking for exoneration, but the opinions of others help. I know that a lot of people have walked a similar path. All of the red flags were there from the beginning. When I first met him--we met through an online dating website--he told me he was divorced, living apart from her, and that sh
  2. Two weeks ago, the man I've been in love with--and having a relationship with--admitted he is married. This was not an entirely surprising admission. When I first started seeing "Robert" two years ago, he told me he was divorced but that he "took care of" his ex-wife. She was a decade older than him, a recovering alcoholic, and they married after she began the process of emigrating to the US from Mexico. As he explained it, this made their long relationship seem one that was bound by his feelings of obligation to her for helping him become a US citizen and, in exchange, he promised she w
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