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  1. I get what you are saying, but he was telling me he hasn't felt like dating someone for years but with me he did, so seemed like a liar.
  2. I get what you are saying, but if this girl lives across the country he won't be able to see her, so kinda the same thing he wanted to avoid.
  3. We didn't video chat, but he called me from that show the night he met her. He played a song to me and called me after that show, but had obviously got her info. I just don't understand how he is starting something long distance with someone but not seeing me was a deal breaker.
  4. Hi everyone! I am immune compromised so it has been concerning dating for me with covid as I am high risk. I am also not working due to covid, so I guess I have a lot of time on my hands and haven't been doing the best with my mental health. I connected with someone online and I didn't think much of it until we started talking on the phone every day for like 4 hours at a time. He is a musician though and they have a reputation but I didn't want to be judgmental. Anyway, we talked about ex's and stuff and he told me he prefers casual as it is just easier and he rarely likes people.....a few days later he told me he liked me and we admitted we both had feelings. This may sound ridiculous to everyone because I know some may think how do you get feelings without meeting, but it just happened I guess, or at least I had feelings for him on paper, and he said I am the first girl in a long time he has even thought about the idea of dating and being exclusive with. So we said about meeting but he is exposed to lots of people as he plays two shows a week with a room full of people, and I told him in the end it was just a bit risky with my health, as it is not like he works from home all the time and is only seeing a select group of friends which would be much less risky..... So then he basically said if we don't meet it is pointless to keep talking as we are drawing out emotions and not knowing when we could meet with covid being around as we just don't know when things will be better. I said I didn't really get it because if he claimed to have feelings for me, so if I was that special we would stay in touch and he said we could try and be friends. He also did random things like send me a screen shot of a woman he was having a convo with on Bumble. I found it a bit strange he would do that if he had feelings for me, but he sent the roll eye emoji and said he sent it to me as it was funny. I also asked him to video and he said video chats can just be awkward and don't give a good vibe of how things in person would be. Anyway, we kept going back and forth and then didn't talk for a day, and I took him off my social media and he immediately messaged me asking why. I told him that it was just easier to not see his stuff etc, and then we talked a bit again and said about doing a socially distanced date so we could at least meet and see if the connection was there in person, and that evening he facetimed me from one of his shows and performed a song for me, and after the show he called me and we talked for an hour or so. The next day we talked but he just seemed distant and wasn't really acting the same and said we were clashing a lot, and when I asked if he wanted to video again he said "that isn't me I am just not that sort of guy" I thought it was weird because so many guys have no issues with videoing, and if he liked me so much what would be the big deal? I figured it was a good way for us to get a better vibe before meeting....Also, I know he isn't a catfish because he videoed me at his shows singing. Anyway, then he ended up telling me I was being needy and stuff......and we didn't talk for the rest of the night, and then Thursday I noticed he posted an instagram story from a girl at the show he had performed the night he videod himself performing for me. I guess she recorded him singing with the caption "if I don't come home from Texas it is because I moved to Texas to be with this guy," so she obviously connected with him that night and is visiting from out of state. So yesterday morning I must admit I was hot headed and told him I saw the story and was like, ? It is one thing to play the field but if you are telling a girl you have feelings for her but are chatting up other women, and saying that you never connect with others often or feel a spark but you are connecting with women at your shows, that just seems very disingenuous, and with that, he blocked me on everything without even responding to what I said. One of my guy friends actually follows him too as he went to one of his shows, and he told me that today he posted a picture at a restaurant and this girl who vidoed him was tagged in it, so they are obviously out together, so I just feel so stupid about everything and such a fool. I don't get why he would spend hours on the phone, tell me all that and then drop me for someone who doesn't even live here. When she goes home he won't even be able to hang out with her, the exact same reason he didn't want us to pursue something at this time.
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