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  1. yes it is frustrating actually because he has no right to do these things. I have so much anxiety right now just wondering what he is doing right now when we are not getting together. I am just not sure that I can leave him alone.
  2. No he doesn't turn down the sex. But yes accuses me of only being in to him for the sex. The last time we had sex he said he wanted to bond with me. Yes I didn't think about him wanting a soda because I think of him as just sex he said it under his breath. Yes he gets upset if I wear my hair up and will take it down things like that. He told me that he needs to be in control always. But he doesn't think that he's dominant I asked him the last time we were together. Yes he wanted my pin number to look in my phone. He has no right too I get it wants to snoop like he's my boyfriend right? He told
  3. I did tell a girlfriend about him today. She said I should just take care of me and handle my business not to worry about him. I didn't expect to get feelings for him and becoming attached.
  4. To be honest I have told him no about somethings and changed my mind to give into what he wants. I was in a 9yrs live in relationship that ended badly. And decided to be single up until now. He has no right to ask for anything I get it.
  5. For me it is not kinky hookups. I have feelings and am attached to him. I plan on telling one of my girl friends about him today.
  6. He's very dominant and says he needs the control. No I'm not into BDSM. I have feelings for him. We do have things in common more so. I am embarrassed to tell my friends that I am hooking up with him and now have feelings etc. My friends think of me as a together person.
  7. I like control but starting to realize he has no right to be like that if he doesn't want a committed relationship. He told me he has to be in control. That's one of the reasons that he's turned off by commitments because women like to do there own thing to much.
  8. I didn't give him my pin number to my phone. I thought he liked me thinner the way I am. Yeah I feel self conscious now about my body because I thought he liked me at my current weight ugh. If it's just sex he should not be asking for these things right? He asked me if I told my friends about him and was disappointed that I hadn't told them.
  9. He contradicts himself alot. Yes I have already become attached. He talked about that he wanted to bond with me too the last time we were together. Asked me to put some weight on for him as well. Actually alot of nerve if he just wants sex and fun. I dated when I was in my 20's a little bit mostly long term relationships. And he tells me what to do. And did I mention he asked me for my pin number to my phone.
  10. Again not meaning to sound dense but I genuinely do not know. Thanks for the tip about replying with the quote.
  11. I know this sounds stupid but why do you think he is a weirdo and off about him?
  12. I'm sitting here crying because I can't get him on the phone. Maybe it's that I have low self-esteem not sure. His phone is turned off because it goes straight to voicemail. Ugh I'm afraid to tell him how I feel. But I am going to try to call him when I know he is on his way to work tonight.
  13. We are from different cultures and education is the same. Economic is different. He says things like he wants me to put more weight on and tells me to wear something nice for him not sexy. I know that I am misreading his comments. Guess I want it to be more than sex.
  14. Btw do you think he is avoiding me? He does sleep he works graveyard
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