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  1. Yeah i see that now, there’s so much more to it too... like obviously I didn’t put the whole story on here. But yeah I told him all the time that I felt like a third wheel and his reply was always “you’re letting yourself feel that way” - it was rough. Obviously didn’t stay in the relationship long... yet I’m still upset over it!
  2. To my knowledge he never cheated with her. They were divorced. But he clearly was very connected with her. When I met him I asked a lot about her and it was always that she wasn’t apart of his life. I did meet her - she was very unstable. Never gave him money and have blocked and deleted him hence why he showed up places.
  3. So I just left a really awesome guy, he has caring, loving and attentive to me. That was never the problem, the problem was that he lied from the very beginning about how involved his ex wife is in his life. I helped him pick a house to move into in my city - thinking we’d be moving in together. Instead he informs me that his ex-wife will be moving in. He didn’t consult with me, or made sure I was okay with it and made the decision behind my back. So not only did he lie to me, he deferred to his ex and actually took her side against me all the time. Needless to say, I broke it off pretty quickly. The worst part about this break up Is He kept showing up at my work, my apartment, my parents house to “get me back” and I almost fell For it except he blames me for the downfall of it. “I couldn’t accept his relationship with his wife. I destroyed our love etc etc” Anyway it was all very messed up... but how do I now feel like the bad guy? Did I overreact? Like honestly maybe this all wasn’t so bad. I’m very confused and sad. I miss him but I also know it was kind of a messed up situation.
  4. I recently broke up with someone I absolutely adored. I loved him and still continue to love him. We had such a loving and supportive relationship... until... I found out he lied to me from the very beginning - including his age. More importantly, he lied about how involved his ex wife is in his life. They have a daughter together but had been separated for a year (not even sure they’re divorced because you know he’s a liar) - I helped this man find a house in the city I lived in - hoping we’d eventually move in there together. As I’m helping him move stuff in - he informs me that his ex wife will be moving in with him. Not for financial support, or to raise their daughter together but to “change the world” together through access consciousness (look it up) This obviously rattled me, he wanted me to be friends with her and support what they were doing. When he moved to my city, I thought he had an idea of what he would be doing for a job. Turns out he planned on smoking weed all day and discussing consciousness with his Ex. He justified everything she did - including being a neglectful mother to their daughter. He also defended her and deferred to her over me all the time. I obviously broke up with him - reported them to Children’s Aid and thought I wouldn’t look back. Then this man then began showing up at my parents, my apartment, my work etc. Claiming to “want me back” and that he “loved me” after everything that happened (including reporting him). I believed him, thinking that maybe he had a change of heart. We even ended up sleeping together again. But It all went south. We’re now not communicating at all after he told me that I was “to blame for everything because I couldn’t accept his relationship with his ex wife. I hurt him beyond repair. I destroyed our love” etc etc. Not ever taking accountability that he let his ex into his life and had her interfere with our relationship and that he and his ex were neglecting their child. It’s so messed up - I’m so conflicted as to why I still love this man. After everything. Why can’t I let him go?
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