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  1. yes, love that bring your travel experiences home , they are YOUR memories and experiences you traveled you lived you laughed you loved it is all part of you and no one will ever take that away from you. You have it inside your heart and just bring it with you where ever you go. Of course we all need refreshers once in a while but maybe ...just don't give up on being happy. maybe find other people that once lived in Dubai and now live in UK and set up fancy brunches with them! good luck yay! Im excited for you.
  2. hi, I know you think maybe things may be better for you somewhere else, but in reality I read an article recently saying that most people statistically burn out at 32 in their careers. Sure enough I see it happen all the time. I think you should stay close to your family and love will find you. Promise ;) It was nice to read your post. thank you
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