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  1. Should I step back on contacting him and wait for him to call me? I want to be there for him but I don’t want to bother him if he just wants to be left alone
  2. Thank you so much. That was very insightful and helpful. I don’t want to push him away by becoming too clingy or applying too much pressure but I don’t want to make him think I don’t care or that I’m not there for him by doing too removed. What you’ve said helped me a great deal. Thank you.
  3. Let it be known I think about him always. My past relationships have unfortunately led me to feel insecure at times and I’ve been cheated on a lot. I trust him. I came to this site for advice. I know I am often an over thinker that’s why I am asking for assistance. I’m not trying to make this about me. I’m trying to prevent myself from doing something stupid bc I am sometimes insecure
  4. I’m in a newish relationship with a guy I’ve known a long time. Everything has been great. We have such a great time together and have genuinely clicked. I can tell that I genuinely make him happy and have been told by his friends and family that they’ve never seen him so happy. He’s not nor has he ever been the most affectionate person but he never hesitated to let me know I was special. At the beginning of September he was in a bad accident and had to undergo extensive surgery and was immobile and in a lot of pain. I stayed with him in the hospital as much as possible and he reached out to
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