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  1. thanks everyone so much for your feedback
  2. thank you for your reply. that makes sense
  3. thank you, I need to work on reading between the lines and not taking what people say at face value
  4. thank you, still trying to work out in my head how things can go from great to too busy in one day. I hate dating :(
  5. I have attachment issues and sometimes appear aloof or disinterested when in reality I am interested, that is where my concern comes from. We dated for 2 months in person. Thank you for your reply.
  6. thank you for your kind reply.
  7. Hey everyone! I was seeing/talking to someone for the last 3 months. He started getting distant and then told me he was too busy with work to pursue anything further. I always knew he was busy with work and never pushed to hangout, but now I'm worried that made him feel like I wasn't interested. Should I reach out to him and let him know I am into him and don't want things to end? We haven't talked in about 2 weeks and I hate it.
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