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  1. Thank you. Our relationship is very grounded in a long friendship that existed prior. I was hesitant to date a friend bc I don’t want to ruin our friendship of many years. But I also know I don’t deserve to be lied to. And honesty is very important on both sides and at this point we have both lied. Though his lie is a respectfully bigger deal.
  2. There’s a lot more to the story than the phone addition. He pays for it and I did it more so to help me get rid of the line than anything. And honestly no I don’t typically date guys like this and he wasn’t like this until about two weeks ago. Until then there were really no issues. This is where I become so confused. But after reading all the answers here I think I have a good idea of what I need to do.
  3. I appreciate all the very insightful things that you have all shared. I do want to say that I honestly do not have a problem with the fact that he talked to her my problem is with the lie. Even though they don’t share a child he did become a very integral part of her sons life. He was upfront with me in the beginning about this and I respect that. But my issue is that he denied speaking to her recently. I do feel like I need to back off and move on. The trust has been broken and I don’t think it’s mendable.
  4. If someone likes you or is into you they will make time for you even if it’s a limited amount of time...time will be made. You don’t end a relationship with someone you like because you’re busy. Do yourself a favor move on and if he reaches back out to you tell him you’re busy.
  5. Thank you all for the advice.
  6. I was trying to figure out how to reply so this may post twice. But he’s on my plan bc I had an extra lime just going to waste and he does pay me for it. We’ve only dated a short time but have been friends for many years. What I heard him say was inquiring about whether she was working that day then at another point he said you wouldn’t lie to me like that would you? He never asked me not to look at the bill it was just something we had joked about when I first added him and I said I would never do that and he said “I have nothing to hide” he’s not ever given me a reason to not trust him until
  7. He is on my plan bc I had an extra line that was just sitting there not being used. He pays for it. Like I said we have been friends for many years. What I overheard him saying was inquiring about whether she was working that day and he said you wouldn’t lie to me like that would you?
  8. My boyfriend and I have only been dating for a few months but have known each other for over 20 years. Everything has been fantastic until recently when he had a car wreck and had surgery and has become really down and aggravated. He was married to a woman for a little over a year and theyÂ’ve been divorced for about a year. He has been very upfront about her and made it very clear how much he dislikes her. They have no children together but he was a really close father figure to her youngest son. Therefore he does periodically stay in contact with her for the sons sake. Like I said he has alw
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