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  1. I’ve already overwhelmed her with this according to her. I can see that it does. I don’t want it to but it really can consumes me trying to let it be the way she would like it to be. She says her other bfs over the past 22 years were fine with the ex this way and the last one did repairs for him at his house, but he ended up being a cheater and screwing around with other women on her. I tell her that I don’t understand how any man that truly loves her would find her relationship with her children’s father acceptable. I try but the more I witness makes it more difficult.each time I’m subject t
  2. Yes. Guess I am. I knew this getting in as we started our relationship as just friends. I do know that her best financial decision would be to stay married to him as long as possible.
  3. Yes. Very disturbing to think about. The non divorce is a financial decision I’ve been told and she does expect to file but it’s not for couple more years
  4. No. It’s my girlfriend and her ex talking to their children referring to one another as ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’
  5. I’m really mixed. I know she has no romantic feelings for him.. I wake with her 5-6 nights a week and I know the missing mornings we are both awaking alone. It’s their closeness and almost perfect family dynamic and lack of closures that a normal separation that puts the knot in my gut. Yes. An outsider when sitting down at the dinner table when he is there and really nauseous when she’ll say to one of her children something like ‘pass this to daddy”.. She tries to refrain to referring to him as “daddy’ when talking with her children but she really doesn’t do well with it or understand why
  6. I say that to her. ‘Where’s my space?’ And I’m told that he’s just a business partner friend,father of her children and family..that I’m her lover her partner the one she’s intimate with.
  7. I agree. She has way to much feelings for him. She has way to much feelings for a lot of people in her life. She’s way over caring about so many mostly girlfriends,even ones that don’t deserve the attention and caring she gives..
  8. I didn’t believe I was inserting myself into what I am now in. First 6 months he was almost not in the picture at all. She’s had other boy friends that based on what she says have no problem with him in the picture. She also has gone on to tell me that some of her old bf have hung out with him and did stuff with out her
  9. No. I am single and my son lives with me..this happened couple months into relationship and the only reason I stayed by her so much was because travel between my place and hers was 1hr 45 minutes and we spent week at my place and a week at hers because we were out dancing and partying every night..but it ended up being more time by her -lace because she wanted to be closer to her children. When I met her I was looking to relocate to the middle of the state for my work so it made it very easy to move closer to her which happened 3 weeks after his comments
  10. ive been dating the most wonderful woman for almost a year now and i'm really so in love with her.. she is still legally married and although there hasn't been anything romantic with her ex in over twenty years but they are very close. they have two children in their 20S , they are business partners on things that don't require everyday interaction They own the homes that she lives in one with the children and he lives in the other. All their money credit and investments are completly like a married couples would be. Ive met him several times and have had dinner with with him and her
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