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  1. I want to believe that our relationship is pretty ok. He cares for me a lot, we enjoy spending time together. I really believe that he likes me. However I feel like the issues and the stress he has are so prominent that he can’t fully give himself to me or make me a priority. We have had some arguments before, where he actually confirmed this. He didn’t have the time and energy to keep convincing me that he didn’t want to hurt me and if I couldn’t take it I should just leave him. It is clear that his priorities are somewhere else. For me this is really hard. I can’t just let him go because I r
  2. mostly yes routine. He doesn't drink alcohol that often once every 2/3 weeks. Also he has been under a lot of stress for the whole year already. we've been together for like 3 months, but we have known each other since last year December. For me the sex is good. I've had 3 bed partners up till now. He has done it with a ton of girls. I really like him and I want him to enjoy it as well, first I thought it was my lack of experience, but I am not sure about that. I've been trying to become better, learning more about it. Up till now he only has been really positive when I blow him. It has gotten
  3. I've been together with this guy for a few months now. It has been really nice, he is always there to help me. We cuddle a lot, spend a lot of time together. We have sex quite often, sometimes twice a day. There is only one thing that threw me off quite a bit. I noticed that he wasn't fully enjoying having sex with me. he lost his boner a few times when we were having sex, and he didn't really seem into it except when he drank. He actually said it to me one time. He wasn't able to drink enough that day otherwise we would have had amazing sex. I've talked about it with him and he only said the
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