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  1. thank you all for the amazing advice many of the advice ill be taking to heart and really be using to improve myself really the main takeaway I should take from this thread is to put my foot down more faster when a friendship gets toxic THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME!!!!
  2. Yeah I can say that kinda like a best friend but even so I guess it really hit me hard since he really did play me like a fiddle so now that I'm thinking about it. Its really a wake up call to me
  3. A little yeah but kept it at the minimum in total maybe 50$ i knew if I over did it I will be "Money bags to him" and even then I never gave him more than 10 yes I know even still I shouldn't have given him in thr first place
  4. I don't want to seem like a the better person or whatever the way to say it but i honestly didn't ask anything back just his friendship I guess i asked for acceptance? But even that I knew wasn't really the big reason mostly we were friends because we shared the same interests although I showed my appreciation to the thing we both liked while he was more reserved in any case i always knew he wasn't be truthful it took me long to realize that that is on my part for being careless about my own feelings or thoughts
  5. Thank you for the advice it dose seem to have an impact on me thankfully thinking it over i was able to accept it without going through any uh grief? Not sure if thats correct but it's a way for me to grow
  6. I was being nice to someone who i thought was my friend we have been friends and got close in half a year I always try my best to help them when they have troubles, they push me away multiple times but expect me soon to help them afterward. today, they get mad over something and push me away yet again. I give them space. They expect me to help them. I said no because i am busy and tired of being pushed away next thing I know, they told me our friendship was fake the entire time, used me for money and sympathy "used me like a toy" was the way they described me although i said to him i want othe
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