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  1. I’m very confident in our relationship. My wife is a trusting person. I really think she woke up that day to see that everyone don’t have your best interest at heart. She also a person who can’t hold things in if she’s wronged you in anyway. We have discussed it there are now new boundaries in place. And she now understands that there’s no room for anything remotely close to that. I am no saint I have done my share of hurtful things to her as well. Just never allowed my self to be in her situation. I also understand things could’ve been a whole lot worse and if she wanted more than a friendship from that guy she could have. Thanks for all the advice. I’m just going to move on with my marriage. We have 11 years invested and 3 boys. It’s too much to give up on.
  2. She is the loyal type never would’ve imagined anything like this ever happening in our marriage. She’s a very guilty person. If she wronged someone she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she didn’t tell the truth. I did end up seeing the guy through youth football and he confirmed the story word for word. He said she never said anything in their conversations that was sexual in any way. I just think the guy was way too comfortable to think it’s ok to kiss her.
  3. My wife recently admitted to me about her kissing another man. The guy she kissed they knew each other growing up. They started talking through Facebook and turned into a every day thing checking up on one another. She went out with some friends girls night out. They were at a bar and happened to see him there. Her fiend left and she stuck around and hung out with him. As they were saying good bye he kissed her and she didn’t stop him. She explained it was a quick peck on the lips. The next day she change her number and deactivated her Facebook and never spoke to him again. What should I make of this situation?
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