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  1. Recently I found out that my boyfriend has hooked up with men (well at least 1). Not proud of this, but I went through my boyfriends facebook messages and found messages to a guy back when he was in high school saying he was single and talking about hooking up. We are in our mid-twenties, and there has been nothing since that I saw. I am so disturbed mostly because he has been hiding this from me. I do feel like he is attracted to me and we have a good sex life, but I can't shake this conversation I read. I am ashamed of violating his privacy so I would like to just put this behind me and not bring it up, but we are very serious, live together, and talk about spending our lives together so I feel like I need clarity. My biggest fear is that he is gay and not bisexual, and it will be revealed later in life when we have a family together. Some back ground info... many people have assumed my boyfriend is gay. I'm not sure exactly why. He is very personable and has many female friends. He has dated different girls throughout high school/ college/ and adult life and we have since been together about 2 years. Recently he drunkenly kissed his 2 best friends and I asked him if he was bisexual- he said no. So my question is, do I bring this up to him? I feel hurt that he has hidden this from me. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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