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  1. I felt she kept trying to compare me to past guys like I would eventually be like them. She kept brining up past experiences that caused her pain and trauma. I wanted her to go to therapy to try and get past all that and move forward with her life but i felt it was always holding her back because she couldn’t realize something good was happening with us
  2. I dont know. I didn’t get a reason. I wasn’t needy or unfaithful or any of those. Maybe she just fell out of love, I don’t know. She felt bad she her life was way out of order and couldn’t be the person she wanted to be for me and kept saying I deserve better and a wife who can give everything to me because at the time she couldn’t. When she gets depressed she pushes people away and says she wants to be alone and feels bad she’s doing this to me like she’s a burden when she isn’t. Idk I will do what I can to stay in touch and hopefully have something again in the future.
  3. I was with my ex for 2.5 years. We had an amazing relationship filled with many happy times and rarely fighting. We took care of each other and often were talking about a future. She kept she really sees a future with me and kids and so forth. She has been battling severe depression and anxiety for several years after her first divorce which lead her down a dark path. The depression popped up a few times in our relationship and I was always there if she needed anything. I had been reading up on how to be a strong partner and how she feels when she is depressed. She was always thankful that I w
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