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  1. Why not take advantage of your looks then instead of making a negative excuse about it? Own your looks and love it.
  2. Have you taken any steps to make yourself look and feel sexy? That might help get you in that "Hey, look at me." mindset.
  3. Thank you! I have my eyes on the guy I'm taking to now, but we aren't official and am keeping all of my options open, which I don't think will hurt.
  4. Hey all. I just thought I'd post an update on this issue. So like I said above, my husband and I did have a threesome, a few times, actually in November. It was the biggest eye opening experience for me, regarding my husband, and I'm thankful we did it for a few different reasons, A- I loved it, and B- It showed me the type of person he is. Soooo.... fast forward to now. We are now divorced. It was a pretty cut and dry, we didn't have a lot together, no kids (thankfully.) My ex-husband is confused with life in general, and unfortunately, I am not going on the ride with him to figure out himself and his life. The divorce has been finalized now for about a month. (I moved out of our home the end of December.) In January, I re-connected with an old male friend of mine I've known for years. He lives a distance away, so we see each other as often as we can. We have planned a week trip to the same place my ex-husband and I went last summer in June, and needless to say, he can't wait to be naked with me in the pool and outside I'm now feeling like myself again and feel like I'm in a good place, all thanks to a lot of you posters on here. So feel free to ask a question if you'd like, but I just wanted to say, life is really good right now.
  5. I didn’t agree to the threesome to make things work. It’s something that I thought about and honestly, I took advantage of the situation more than they probably did. Not to get into it too much, but I felt like a Queen and for me, this is what I needed. Things between him and I have been decent since, so who knows what will happen next.
  6. I get what you’re saying. Before we were married, we were crazy sexual, so the talk and thought of a threesome with his friend wasn’t even a brow-raiser for me. So that’s why I don’t really think much of it or question. It was something I agreed to, and to be honest, it was something I needed personally. I’ll say that since we have had it, communication has been decent.
  7. I get it. I don’t think much of it since he’s talked about a threesome for years. It’s not really a surprise or a shock.
  8. Thank you all for the help and advice. I do have an update. -We are still married. -We are seeing therapists individually -We are seeing a marriage counselor together weekly. -Communication is better, not ideal. - He is gaming, not as much, though. -We had sex four times since October 14th. -Oct 31st, we did have a threesome. I’m still emotional, but am feeling hopeful, more than before. I feel like he is putting forth effort in making things better, but still time will tell. Divorce is still an option.
  9. Update: The party ended up going well. Everyone was respectful, even the guy my Husband wants to have the threesome with. My husband and I talked more during that than we have all month. When everyone left that night, we took a bath together and reflected on the day. I was surprised he joined me. I tried to talk to him more about other things but that didn’t really work. I did offer to give him a blow job and was thanked and he said that he loved me. Both words I haven’t heard him say in a long time. Saturday was like a typical Saturday though. Games plus everyone else. We did manage to eat dinner together, which we haven’t had dinner together since we were on vacation. Still beyond confused and struggling.
  10. Thanks. I’m going to let him have his night. He’s been home for about an hour and is just full of energy. I don’t know why or what’s gotten into him. Getting a divorce will be difficult but it’s still probably the best solution. I haven’t ruled out the threesome, but I’m still hanging onto hope. We have a night planned with games, food and a few drinks. I’m even kind of looking forward to this since we haven’t had any interaction. I will dress cute in hopes to get some attention from him.
  11. I want to get him in a mind set to try and deal with the problems and have a healthy mind. If you were me, what would you do? (You don’t have to say publicly if you don’t want.) I’m not anticipating anything happening tonight. Just that the friend (and others) will be over. He’s all excited. He has even taken half the day off to get ready. This is the most excitement and energy I’ve seen him have in months.
  12. In my eyes, I’m getting ignored right now, but the last few days have been an improvement. I guess you can kind of see my point in possibly wanting a threesome as one of my last attempts. I don’t feel like I would be manipulated by either because he has brought this up years ago, so I know it’s not due to our marriage issues. So I’m really at a toss as to what to do about that. We are having a few of his guy friends over tonight, he is looking forward to it. I’m actually trying to remain hopeful.
  13. Before we got married we were having sex once or twice a day consistently. We have gotten into some crazy, weird things but never a threesome although it’s been talked about multiple times. When that was happening my husband and I had the perfect relationship going. Everything was great. If we do end everything, I’d like to say I gave it my all and I was the one who never gave up.
  14. I don’t think he would use it it a way against me. He isn’t that type of person, even in his current state. I know it sounds dumb but I’m interested in doing it to see if it changed anything. Communication, how he views me, doing things together, our sex life. Maybe I’m a fool for thinking that. I don’t know. Would it hurt me if it goes badly or doesn’t change anything? Maybe, but at least I know where I stand and get my last “wish” of an attempt to save this marriage.
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