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  1. I agree, I was in my own for 3 years before I met him and it was the best time for me I learnt myself became independent and strong well....so I thought until we actually got into a relationship then it all changed...... I thought I knew him but being friends with someone is different to being in a relationship with them, I've lost faith in my judgment tbh and feel I just want to be on my own with my children I thought he was a good one
  2. Im so sorry you went through this 😔 its not that its not business I reported it and they closed the case after speaking to her im not sure what else I can do without evidence or anything to go by apart from her abusing my child?
  3. I couldn't agree more, its my job to protect my children not his especially when im constantly accused of being dramatic and over exaggerating, it's crazy how differently people see things isn't it! Not my circus not monkeys 100%
  4. I didn't call childline no but I did social services, Nspcc and reported it to my sons school who also made their own report based on our conversation ( they were supportive and extremely compassionate towards me and my son) they worked closely with him to see if he had been affected in any way by what she did as he wouldn't talk to me about it much Nspcc were actually very concerned it was social services that closed the case. Apparently so yes, she said she saw her mum having sex and imitated that but her mum denied this... social media is lethal at the best of times and i searched her
  5. I said this to social services but they disagreed.... i also spoke with nspcc who were concerned about her behaviour but could not take it further, i just need to protect mine
  6. They were all investigated and they visited her school spoke to her separate from her mum and brothers and did all they could apparently.... she should not be on social media at 7 years old or even have a phone but he insists because my 12 year old girl does its unfair... I monitor my daughters phone and she has restrictions set with no social media installed plus she's at secondary school. Its always excuses and no actual parenting with concern from either parent. If I were to see changed behavior from her disgraceful action I may see things differently but she lies alot is very devious sly
  7. Im going to end this once and for all. Be brave and focus on my myself and my kids like I used to.... I can't continue like this anymore 😪 I will also be contacting my doctor tomorrow morning to rebook my appointment... I need to focus and get away from this relationship.... I read back my message like you said and was little shocked if im honest I should have written this down a long time ago instead of convincing myself things would get better when they have just got worse. I've never asked for advice on these sites before just spoken to friends sometimes we need different help. I want
  8. Thank you for your opinion it really does mean a lot hearing other people opinions who are not emotionally involved helps ... I couldn't agree more, a few weeks ago she was caught smoking as stealing too its juat awful nothing is done amd so far from how I've raised my 2 kids... im worried the influence they could have on them too
  9. Wow what a powerful response.... thank you!! I kept remembering the person I knew previously thinking he is stressed at work making excuses for his behavior until I was drowning in it all, he makes me feel like I'm wrong and if I defend myself he gets angry saying here's your true colors and calling me names, this is not the person I knew! You are complete right my friends and family have said the same apparently im so different to how I was when I was on my own , happy Independent and full of strength now im lost weak and vulnerable I feel beaten down by his ways. I did inform my ex str
  10. I Understand the exploring but not to the levels she did and on a 5 year old who had no idea what was going on.. exploring at 6 is not normal in my eyes and social services agreed, they investigated but were not concerned she was or has been abused... I've tried to help and get passed it but I don't trust her.... she continues to act in seductive and provocative ways on social media creating sly accounts and nothing is done about this.... im out of my depth as my concerns just get dismissed. He says im out to get her and catch her out when I just wanted to teach her it was wrong
  11. Thankyou hearing this from someone else kinda helps and reassures me im not mad, he just constantly says im exaggerating, my kids especially my daughter has noticed how he has changed also shes 12 so I need to set a example for her of anything
  12. I met my boyfriend 5 years ago i had been through a lot in my previous relationship emotionally with the father of 2 children and he helped me see my worth strength and to find myself again, we were friends for 3 years of that as he was still in a relationship with the mother of his 3 children when we met but he was a great friend and support to me, 2 years ago he decided to leave her and we became a couple, at first things went really well but then he started controlling how I dealt with my kids dad their time with him my input in assisting him for example dropping my kids to their dad he sai
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