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  1. I am NEVER going to be an escort or work in the sex industry. I only had that stupid thought because to the way guys (and from school -shocker) talk and comment on my body. The only time I liked it was when I was with my ex boyfriend. That's completely understandable. When girls compliment my figure, I never get a perverted vibe from them. I smile, laugh, and thank them because they do it respectfully. With guys, they ogle, go into specific detail and hint towards sex afterwards. Age is also irrelevant because men who are old enough to be my parents are also disgusting towards teenagers and young women. My most bizarre experiences were from 12-15. It's strange how no one in these comments are holding them accountable for it.
  2. The lack of reading comprehension on this site is terrible. Did you miss where I stated that guys in college who are involved in clubs and academic pursuits can still engage in the same attitude and behavior? Girls get cold approached everywhere and still have to deal with messy guys from school. Most of my interactions, hang outs, and parties were with guys on campus. How is this too hard to understand? This is exactly why I stated that age makes a difference in the responses. Some here think that it is absolutely impossible for college educated guys to lack manners and tact towards their female peers. The choice of a guys major or field is irrelevant to how they choose to treat young women. The last one I was talking to was a STEM major for crying out loud. My friends and other female peers have dealt with this some way or another but we don't gaslight the other persons experience due to how common it is. I already acknowledged my naivety is the fault for my lack of assertiveness and boundaries with men. I just can't engage with them in the same way I do with my female peers. This was never really a problem in HS. I never felt the need to modify my behavior or personality when talking to them. I'm guessing the extra freedom and independence that comes with college and young adulthood was what changed in their aspect.
  3. 99% of guys I've had these experiences with were all educated, intelligent, and ambitious. They weren't bums that were hanging from the street corner or pick up artists that were trying to seduce me at a bar. Some were also grad students and professionals that were establishing themselves in their careers. Those particular qualities does not guarantee a guy will be a complete gentleman with a low sex drive. It generally comes down to their personality, boundaries, and respect for women. This is no different from when older men use to catcall or follow me while I was walking home from middle/ high school as a minor. Where is the blame for these grown men? There were times when I refused to walk home and had to beg my parents to pick me up because of this. Based from these responses, I'm going to guess I'm the youngest font here. So my perspective will be different from everyone else's. There are high quality and low quality men that come from different socio-economic backgrounds. It's naive to state otherwise.
  4. Awww how cute. You completely ignored half of my reply and solely focused on what I said about men being extremely horny towards the opposite sex. Which is still true. Overwhelming majority of girls my age can confirm it by encounters from our male peers. Most men also acknowledge it as well despite it being an "unfair generalization".
  5. I find it funny how you always make assumptions based off of every little detail from my posts. Especially with me acknowledging my physical attractiveness. Acknowledging it doesn't mean I don't focus or develop on other qualities of myself. Yes, a lot of guys are horny for sex regardless if I have that "mindset" or not. It's an undeniable fact.
  6. We're all strangers here so you and those other fonts can believe whatever you want. I never claimed that my experience is unusual or out of the ordinary. I was just venting. Shy or introverted girls can still attract sexualized and unwanted attention from guys they don't want. It has nothing to do with our body language. If I genuinely liked this type of attention, I would've been hooking up with every single guy and accepting every request or invitation from them. But I never have and never will. I know that beauty is a dime a dozen but I'm not going to deny that guys find me attractive. If they didn't, I'd be completely invisible to them. I think I'm beautiful but still acknowledge and compliment other attractive women as well.
  7. Its okay. We were both 19. Not thinking about dating right now so you're right. I have a couple of guys friends but they're not the ones I'm talking about.
  8. Lol, down to earth girls can still attract any and every type of guy. Some guys will generally approach every kind of girl regardless of her personality. Many guys from age 15 to my current early 20s have always described me as shy and reserved after getting to know me. Did that stop them from treating me like my body is all for their inappropriate sexual thoughts and pleasure? No. I could be walking around the city to get some exercise and I'll have random fools honking and yelling things to me out of their cars? Is it something I did to make them to behave that way? No. Regarding the all girls school thing, I never attended one. It mainly came from my strict parents. They never allowed me to date or have a boyfriend in high school. I only hung out with guys during school, field trips, extracurriculars, and parties.
  9. Some people still assume that if a girl doesn't meet the one during college, then it's either her fault or something she's doing that's preventing it from happening. It's naive to think that a studious or intelligent guy will automatically treat you better or have no red flags. I've had some friends who were played and tricked by "nice guys". Being nice and respectful isn't genuine if they're only doing it with hidden ulterior motives. It comes down to the guys character and intentions. I don't like unwanted sexualized attention. This his been happening since age 15 and no one has ever said or assumed that I liked it back then either. Why would I? It's disgusting and says more about the people doing it than myself. But if the attention is from a guy I'm exclusively dating or attracted to, absolutely. Not extreme sexual attention but mutual attraction. My attraction to older guys is also not for attention either. It's completely normal. Some of my friends and other women I know just like men that are older than us by some years. But the deciding factor still comes down to compatibility, personality, and character. Not just their age.
  10. Both actually (although I don't drink or frequent bars as much). Common misconception that most guys in college are all sweet, caring, gentlemen that want to seriously date or settle down from18-21. My ex and I actually met in of our classes during our sophomore year and were together a year and a half. After we broke up, I promised to not date and just stay single but I was attracting guys like crazy no matter how much I wanted to be alone. Then again, there's absolutely nothing wrong with casually dating and having fun at this age. I connected with another guy from school after my breakup but I wasn't ready to start dating again. Plus I strongly prefer older guys. If I had the choice between a guy my age or one that is in their mid-late 20s, I'm choosing the older one.
  11. The guy and I met on social media (not an OLD app). We were just engaging in conversations but he wanted to know more because he felt like we could relate from previous things we talked about. I'm not planning on meeting him because I told him I didn't want anything beyond platonic. It would be pointless, especially with the ongoing social distancing rules in my location. We're just going to Skype/ video chat. I was only nervous to message him because he was carrying on most of the conversations from the beginning. But it shouldn't matter who initiates first since it's online.
  12. Where did you get the idea that I'm obsessing over my appearance? Shouldn't that be said about the guys that constantly comment or notice it the moment I'm near them?
  13. I agree but there's always exceptions. I just tend to attract more of the extroverted/outgoing ones. The only downside of being an introvert is that I hate initiating contact to a guy. I fear I might come off "clingy" or desperate and I can't read their minds despite being the same way as them. There's currently one right now that intrigues me (online🙄). He said he was interested in getting to know me more but I'm afraid to initiate a conversation. He would always initiate the previous ones and I'd give short replies because I didn't want to appear "easy". But since I told him I'm not interested in anything more than being platonic, I guess it wouldn't matter who starts the convo first. He's just nice to talk to.
  14. Pear Shape- small/average sized breasts, small waist, thick thighs, slim legs, wide big hips, and a big butt. This along with my baby face attracts good guys and ones who notice my body immediately as I'm near them. It also has nothing to do with my choice of clothing because I like to wear jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, and trousers. Some guys from my campus (before Covid) would randomly tell me how I had a nice body but I'd always ask "How could you even notice when I don't even dress revealing"? According to them, it's still noticeable in my casual and plain outfits.
  15. Before New Years and Covid, I regularly spoke to the counselor on campus. I considered it more of a venting tool rather than a solution to solve the problem. I didn't find it successful because I'd try most of the strategies she'd recommend and felt exhausted afterwards with I didn't notice any changes. I don't find any of my male professors attractive. The older guys that approach me are typically from outdoor activities, events, restaurants, or just anywhere with or without my friends. A lot of them are in their mid-late 20s & early 30s. I mainly like them because they're a little more advanced than guys my age but they can still have their faults. The shy/introverted ones are my preference but I just have to watch out for red flags like before. As for now, I'm not planning on dating due to the restrictions in my location. I'm still going try to find ways to work on setting more boundaries and improving my confidence with men.
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