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  1. S2 is second year of high school in Scotland, so about 13/14 and S5 is the fifth year so about 16/17
  2. I'm 16. I don't actually really talk to M, he would only talk to me a bit and now we don't hang out at the same place and we don't talk outside of school so we haven't talked in a while. The thing is I am still interested in C, so my best option would be to just ignore my feelings for M? Also I'm pretty sure that M knew that C had a crush on me.
  3. This reply was a mistake and I don't know how to delete
  4. Hi, there are two people C and M. The background is that in S2 I started to have feelings for C and he also liked me but I wasn’t ready then. But the thing is I also had feelings for M and I always seemed to crave his attention and have since then for some reason. I’ve never known how he feels about me. Now in S5, C and I started dating, it hadn’t been long, about two weeks, but he likes to move quite fast and can be kinda full on sometimes but I need to take things slower which when I told him, he agreed to. So not long ago he kissed me and I really didn’t like it but I like him? When I h
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