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  1. I made a similar post describing my issue, but this one is a bit different. In case my other post hasn’t been seen a priori: My girlfriend and I have been in a rut for the last 6 months and have been having much less sex. From my communication with her in the last 6 months has told me, she figures it involved the pandemic preventing her from doing a lot of the things she loves doing and causing us to spend all of our waking hours cooped up in our pajamas working, as well as my poor communication - complaining that I’m not having enough sex which has been putting more pressure on her. Fro
  2. My mother lives in the US and I plan on working in London where she lives
  3. Point taken, but we can’t live apart forever... we’ll need to eventually make that work. Is it more that there are parents in the equation too?
  4. Thanks for your response. I mean, she says herself that since the pandemic she’s had good and bad days, but that she doesn’t feel like she’s going through a mental health problem. Wouldn’t she be able to know herself if that weren’t true? To be honest, it could well be the case that she’s not getting her emotional needs met, but she doesn’t know if that’s true, she doesn’t know precisely why she’s feeling this way, and I don’t know what about the pandemic has had emotional needs that I’ve originally met changed.
  5. Thanks for your response. There are so many external issues brought on by unprecedented times that I feel like makes this a unique situation, however. Not an unfixable one. I don’t see why I don’t wait out until life returns to normal - if not I’ll probably really regret what could’ve been repaired with time. I might not regret it and find someone really compatible with me... but I might not. The two of us really do get along. I feel like before I give up I need to actually help her be part of the solution, and know for sure that nothing could’ve be done. Because this really isn’t necessari
  6. I’m not giving her a number or anything. But I have needs and that’s okay. Some people are not sexually compatible and I don’t feel like I need to feel like garbage for that. That isn’t to say that we aren’t compatible - we were on the same track during the pandemic. I’m not sure what this stuff about blowjobs is about. I am not asking her for blowjobs and I’ve not whined about her not wanting to have sex for months now - I stopped that after I realized how damaging it was. The blowjobs were completely out of the blue and I didn’t ask or expect them. Can you chill out? You’re portraying me
  7. I appreciate the advice, but I’d just like to stress that she doesn’t seem to be struggling in an obvious sense. She’s not less happy than she usually seems - I definitely have a worse mental health right now for reasons about and not about the relationship and I think she would be quick to agree about this. So I have trouble thinking she’s struggling right now. I think her libido is low, but not because of anxiety or depression, which I think she would agree with.
  8. If they didn’t typically last this long, and we recovered fully after, I’d be fine with that happening from time to time. Hopefully this pandemic is unique in how long it affects her.
  9. Wiseman2, This is definitely a plausible reason, but in the long run we have to be able to live together. How is this a sustainable option? She’s not supporting my financially, but moving out would require paying much more in rent. And I don’t feel like I’m owed bj’s or anything, although I do welcome them. I didn’t ask for them when she gave me them.
  10. Lost, Thank you for your reply. I have trouble seeing past my immaturity, I admit. My response to Lambert touches upon your question regarding what about the pandemic do we think is affecting her libido. My communication has been frequent and poor to her. How do I do this better? How do I make her feel safe and supported?
  11. Lambert: Thank you for your reply. Honestly, we’ve talked about this a lot and I’ve not been very good with my communication. A sizeable portion of our dead bedroom for most of the 6 months has been from my reactions putting pressure on her, she says. I told her I’d want to have sex a certain number of times per week, and she’d feel pressured to conform to it. I tried to ask her what about the pandemic is affecting her, and she was saying although she’s not entirely sure, she does feel like doesn’t get to do a lot of things she would really enjoy doing (such as going to things like musi
  12. I’ve posted about this before to reddit, but pretty much everyone there is telling me to leave. Basically, my girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 and a half years now. She’s 20 and I’m 22. Up until the pandemic started, I was happy with the amount of sex we were having for the most part. We had and still have a good relationship with good communication and honesty outside of this area, and are still very affectionate. Then, we moved in and the pandemic started. We’re together all the time as she works from home and I’m looking for work, and she says the pandemic has hit her libido h
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