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  1. @Batya33 - Yeah, I was growing up when Internet usage and cell phones blew up. It's really interesting to me how communication has changed. I watched a documentary called The Social Dilemma which put me on the path of getting Ethics in the mix.
  2. @Batya33 - I haven't. My goal is to work on the "technical" aspect first, getting familiar with systems and programming and all that. The Psychology/Ethics part will come in later, when I have a good understanding of what makes up a network.
  3. You posted a topic called "I need help," and as soon as someone suggested you see a doctor, you blow up in defense? You seem to have depression, and it's not a normal behavior to spy on people to see what they're saying about you. Suggesting you see a doctor is not that far out of the question, from what you've indicated. Only a doctor can give a diagnosis, but the people on this web site are going to try to give the best suggestions they can based on what you tell them. I also wouldn't take the mullet comments to heart. My head is shaved at the sides and back and dyed bright blue. I
  4. Seek professional help for, if nothing else, the behavior of spying on people. Do you have any hobbies that could connect you with people? For example, I regularly go to a game store (for board/card/tabletop games, not video games) to connect with people with nerdy interests. It doesn't help with my social anxiety once I'm there, but just trying to stay involved in the community gives me something to look forward to. (Of course, with COVID, we can't meet at the store in groups, but I can call up one friend in the group at a time to come over to my house and play games with me.) And peop
  5. @Rose Mosse - Thank you. I hadn't thought about preparing for school in that way, but I already do a bit of reading about my prospective minor. (I want to get into Computers and Tech with a secondary focus on Psychology/Ethics. Specifically, I'm interested in studying how our current technologies affect people and how to improve interpersonal communication and mental health issues stemming from things such as social media use. I also want to learn a bit about programming.) @limichelle - Ah! I haven't actually met anyone with the same diagnosis, so hi, mental health twinsie! Thanks for
  6. This is a good idea! Thank you. I'm sure people are still needed for volunteer jobs even through the pandemic.
  7. Hello, there! Thanks for your time. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (bi-polar type). The incident that led to this caused a serious physical injury as well, for which I needed multiple surgeries. So, the past few years have been about healing both physically and mentally. For a while now, I haven't been content with my life. Don't get me wrong - I have many things for which to be grateful. However, I'm not happy with the person that I am. I feel, at 29 years old, that I haven't achieved anything or done anything significant. I dropped out of college,
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