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  1. @ Rose Mose I will distance myself step by step. I know I am not their mom and never thought i was, but I think it is also unfair for them if i abruptly disappear, but I am open to any suggestion,if it is best for them I will do it for sure. I saw them like they were my nephews...I also wanted to be there for the dad and help him too as I felt for him. It is hard for a man to raise four kids of different age and grieving his wife at the same time and try to earn money. I just cannot imagine, i still think he is a beautiful person no matter what.
  2. Thank you for all of the replies, you are right...I am going on a date today :). I think I will drop all of my expectations and stop try to read between the lines, and see them a little bit less. I still want to be there for the kids though if possible as they already lost their mother, they are wonderful, and touching. I think I could understand the dad if there was a better communication and i do not want to force it either as I know he is still in pain from the death of his wife (he is still wearing his wedding ring)
  3. @tinydance well he told me on the phone that his kids like me...and that "he likes me too, he truly likes me". I do not understand why he keeps on inviting me over. There is a lot of mixed signals... His behavior is confusing and sometimes two years can be not long enough, as for some people it takes 10 years or more to move on. I also have a lot of people asking me on dates so maybe I should focus more on them... Thank you for your responses!
  4. Over a year ago I became friend with a widower and his kids. He has 4 kids whose ages range from 4-13 and I love spending time with them playing ...The dad lost his wife from cancer over 2 years ago. As he kept inviting me I developed feelings for him ( I am also very attached to his kids). I decided to let him know about my feelings and told him face to face and went straight to the point !! ( he got scared and said he could not see himself in a relationship that he was off), I understood but then he called me back and told me that even if he was not ready for a relationship now in the future he would be open to it...Then he always ask if he can help me and says he is thinking of me etc... This is the situation I am in right now...He keeps on inviting me at his home but I feel weird around him (not with his kids, Iam always at ease with them). I am not sure what to do and think! I deeply care about him ( his kids too)...My question is what should I do ? Should i remain close to him and his kids? or should I remove myself from this situation ( it would be breaking my heart). I get ask on dates with many men but he is the one on my mind. Thank you in advance for your advises as I am stuck!
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