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  1. Yea both under 18, im fresh in this dating and flirting stuff. Still its a step to take to ask her out, like I dont know her for that long tho. We've seen eachother now 4/5 times. I dont know, I just want to know if she has the same feelings about me as I have for her, and yes asking her out is the way to know. But I just feel its not ready yet, might sound weird idk.
  2. Iv'e only seen her a couple of times, I feel I need some more time to see how things are. Like on social media I aint getting these sings.
  3. Iv'e only seen her a couple of times, I feel I need some more time to see how things are. Like on social media I aint getting these sings.
  4. heyy all, To start things off, I am not that well known with Girls and what the signs are. At my school there were two girls I've never talked to, but I knew from some of her friends that one of them had a crush on me. Eventually they asked to hang out with me and one friend, but that day I had a feeling her friend was more into me and I had none to less signs from the girl that supposed to had a crush on me. For example, we ran away from a strange situation and she grabbed my arm and told me it was a scary situation, the friend of the girl who would supposed to have a crush on me. after this I added her on snapchat and later on we talked and had some good conversations, we later on went to a movie with my friend and both of the girls and that night we had a conv for 1/2 hours midnight. I recongized some signs, such as going through my hair a bit or fixing it when there was nothing to fix. We hang out two more times after this, one with a group and one with just the 4 of us again. Both these times we talked a lot to eachother and had an amazing time, she was really engaged in the conversation. But where the problem is, is that she is so different on social media then in real life. It seems like she was first more active with me on social media then now, nowadays I am the one who needs to start the conversation on social media or making sure the conversation doesn't die out. So one moment im thinking, ''yea this might be something'' while a day later I rethink the whole thing because of social media. I know this might sound stupid, just need some advice. I also try to put out snaps on snapchat that are easy to respond to, to see if she starts a conversation. But this happens so so so little. Also I hear some say that touching is a sign, idk if this counts as it but one time a friend grabbed me and hold me. She walks by and suddenly starts punching me gently and messing up my hair. Also mid conversation when someone says something funny, she might sometimes tap my knee as a reaction. Not gently, but more kinda slapping. I was also thinking about the fact that she maybe doesn't know what to do looking at her friend, what if she still has a crush on me, maybe thats why she is a bit slowing down or something. Although I had no really good one to one conversation with that girl that would supposed to have a crush on me. any thoughts would help me in this situation
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