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  1. Hi, will try and keep it brief but something is really bugging me and a few things just don't add up. Started a few years ago, I sat down to watch a movie with my girlfriend on Netflix and it showed she was half way through one, something she wouldn't necessarily pick so I asked and she claimed I watched it with her...I know I didn't so I wondered who it was with. She also had fingerprint bruises on both legs, again it wasn't me and she also recalled a conversation we had, again it wasn't me. Each time I've had to let it go, she's gone mad at me for even thinking she'd do something behind my b
  2. True, she blames me for it though. The response was vile, didn't accept any responsibility or offer any sort of apology for her behaviour. Blocked, deleted, gone.
  3. ... And you know what? It's totally her loss. I'm as kind as they come, I've said a few hurtful things when pushed to my absolute limit but I learnt to deal with that and walk away. I tick every single box for her, I do think she has serious trust and jealousy issues which I would of helped her overcome.
  4. Thank you for your words of wisdom, absolutely right not to see her. I've replied and apologised for telling her a few home truths in the past, accepted my part in the failure of this relationship (unlike her) and wished her all the best. I expect a vile reply but I won't rise to it. Chapter closed, time to move on as hard as it is.
  5. Just an update, I've previously said to her that I don't like the way our story ended, being dumped by message and not even a phone call since (guess it shows her level of maturity). Yesterday she emailed and said she would like to meet to say goodbye & perhaps go for dinner, also told me how great she's doing, doesn't miss me, far more relaxed without me etc. Is this a good idea to say goodbye and have some sort of closure or is it likely to be 'look at how great I'm doing without you' and a point scoring exercise?
  6. We did bring a lot of joy to each other, so many happy memories. I tend to think of them when we fall out, she thinks of the bad things or goes stalking my ex wife to find more ammunition on me. Unfortunately we don't know how to deal with disagreements, I tend to get over things very quickly, hold my hands up and say sorry, she drags things on for weeks. As for my marriage, yes it's a shame but we are on very good terms and both been adults about it. We had 12 years together. Also part of the problem, I don't have a bad word to say about her and won't join in when she's being put down but th
  7. I did get help, it took some time but I was able to come off my medication a few months ago. I had a lot happen at once, was tough. I feel great now though! She is legally divorced, I'm not. She has said she doesn't like what I make her become, again she takes no responsibility and blames me. I have barely put a foot wrong for a long time and the latest blow up came from absolutely nothing.
  8. You're absolutely right but she thinks I'm the deluded one! Definitely has trust issues, says she trusts me but doesn't trust other women. I'm in far better shape than when we met, I'd say I look younger too and I'm full of confidence. She knows this and her behaviour has got worse, coincidence?
  9. I am to blame and I'm fully accepting of that. I've apologised on numerous occasions for my part, she never has and never will. I think it was because she's literally had me jumping through hoops all summer during a pandemic and i thought I deserved better than the way she was treating me, it built up inside especially when she blocked me, wouldn't take my calls etc and basically belittled me for the way I handled the death of my mother. I can't explain it, we go months where we make some wonderful memories and then one day all hell breaks loose! But thanks for the advice, I may lose my head w
  10. Hi everyone, need some advice from a neutral perspective, will try and keep it brief. I met a girl 7 years ago, we were the best of friends but both married. Then one day 4 years ago she told me her relationship was over, that's when I realised I had feelings, I could feel the blood draining from my face and my stomach turned. My marriage was also on the rocks, we drifted apart and separated over 2 years ago. After some time we decided to make a go of it. It had always been a turbulent friendship, little did I know that she loved me the whole time and suffered quite a lot with seeing family
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