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  1. Just a bit confused about a friendship with an ex...We were friends with benefits for a year ,we had a row this was August this year and he was so angry he blocked me, then 3 weeks ago he unblocked me and we had a few chats and cleared the air, he did say during our split since August he did meet someone but there was red flags so he ended it but they still talk...Anyway since last week hes been calling everyday about 3/4 times just like how it used to be, but hes clearly stated theres no going back and I agree, but I'm confused and not sure I believe hes suddenly ended things with this other
  2. Update after 5 weeks of no contact he called last night to say hes going to drop off something he had of mine this morning..That never happened and he hasn't contacted to say why or he can't make it ect...What the hell is he playing at?
  3. I have now blocked him as i dont want him in my life ever again, i know i've been through crap with him and his behaviour but i think the reason why its got to me more this time is we knew we would never have a relationship again and tried to keep it on a friendly level and i was there for him when he was going through it with his mum ect and for him to switch it on me and treat me like im nothing so easily is what hurts the most and for him to block me like i never exsisted is nasty .. But lesson learnt...
  4. I totally agree with and i used to say this to him , hes not the only one with issues but he cant deal with things like a grown man .And im really not making excuses for him ,he seriously needs to grow up and sort his life out hes a user and yes i have blocked him , hes toxic and no good for me !
  5. No hes divorced and has been for 10 years and yes im single ..He has issues and i think dealing with his mums situation has stopped him doing a lot of things with his life so it gets him down
  6. Yes i believe i can.. Where else can we go with this !
  7. Nothing will change so i would be stupid to go back .. I cant be friends or anything else now
  8. You are not the first to say im trauma bonded and i do agree that this is a messed up situation, he has a way about him that lures you in.. I dont need him as i have a lot going for me and he hasnt , hes back at his mums and lost everything when he left his wife.. Hes stolen off me said iv done things when i havent and ignored me when things didnt go his way.. But for some mad reason i kept going back.. He had 2 sides to him and he kept calling me constantly.. Im sure he was a narcissist .. But im definitely wont be going back , him blocking me is the final straw..
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice, it was hard reading some of them but you are right its toxic and it should of ended for good years ago..i think i just got so used to his messed up ways it was like the norm for me..This is just a fraction of what hes done and said .. But i will never let him use me again
  10. We've been together on and off for a long time, he did get married during one split and I also moved on but we got back together when both our relationships broke down, eventually he cheated and we split again but that didn't last so we rekindled again only to end it again as I couldn't forgive him anyway he ended it for good last September and we did remain friends and started sleeping together and spoke daily and got on well, he lives back at his mums as she had dementia anyway 2 weeks ago we had a silly argument and he went mad saying I had no compassion for his situation and it's over for
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