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  1. So, I wouldn’t even go as far to say that he’s in the wrong when I find him to be overbearing. He is just the sort of person that takes it upon himself to be the father figure for everyone he knows. He gives a lot of unsolicited advice to people, it can rub others the wrong way. He can be really impatient, like if there is a task that he wants done he wants it done RIGHT NOW. Even if it isn’t remotely time sensitive. I think it does stem quite a bit from how much he really cares about the people in his lives. He can just be abrasive in his approach and it wears me down
  2. I can honestly say I think he will succeed. He’s pursuing a really practical line of work that his family has connections in. He has made some income from it so far. There have also been times when I was not working and he supported me financially until I found myself a new job. I just feel guilty that I’ve agreed to helping with my salary job and I could potentially leave him high and dry. I also own the house that we currently live in... I don’t know where he would go. He also owns a house but someone else is renting it right now.
  3. So, I’m a 23 year old female. I was proposed to by my 30 year old bf of 3 years a couple of months ago. Prior to this, I was a little a nervous that he might be getting ready to propose. I wasn’t sure if I was ready or if we were really right for one another. He is my first serious bfWhen he asked me I just had this rush of feeling “right.” So, I said yes... I do love him and we have a good time together. We are really different in a lot of ways. If you’re familiar with MBTI an ISFP and he is an ENTJ. We can have a lot of fun together, but many times I come home and just feel worn out by hi
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