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  1. He said that he masturbated that morning, which means that it was so hard for him to reach orgasm. And he was keep losing his concentration. I tried my best and did bj for a long time. After that he never asked me even if I want to relax or have an orgasm...
  2. (Sorry for my English) Thanks for reading this. Almost a week ago, I started to flirting with a friend of mine from high school. I have graduated from high school a year ago and that guy had came to our class at last year, which means that I have known him since 2 years. My boyfriend (who is an ex right now) that guy (let's call him M) and I were in the same class. I've never cheated on my ex boyfriend but he cheated on me and we used to have a horrible relationship, he was a narcissistic and we had lots of ups and downs, you got the point. I have known that my ex best friend (I really hate h
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