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  1. Thanks, I get that we have rushed things but we have been living together for 6 months now with a 3 year old ‘my child’ and her 1 year old and everything is perfect, we work well together, our conversations every night are brilliant and everything is perfect except this, I understand she does not want sex we have had the conversation and I’m happy to wait it out but what I want is for her to involve me, the porn is not the problem the problem is that I would rather watch it together and feel that intimacy then her watch it when I’m not around and vice versa, I suppose I’m saying is how do I ap
  2. Thanks for your reply, we moved in together due to lockdown and didn’t want to be apart, after living together we knew it was right, the pregnancy was unplanned but we had discussed having another one between us but not quite this soon but neither of us can bring ourselves to abort just because the timing is wrong, is there ever a right time? I completely understand the checking or activity as what you don’t know don’t hurt.
  3. Never got to the point where I have needed to post in a forum but really need some advice on this one. I am deeply in love with my fiancée and she is perfect in so many ways but there is only one thing in the entire relationship that upsets me and I can’t help but feel the urge to say something but how I say it is so important as it’s a sensitive area. To cut a huge story short we only met in March this year and moved in together and the begin of lock down so we was not alone and everything has been perfect we both have a young child from Previous relationships and are already engaged, I’
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