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  1. Me and my partner have never had an easy ride. There was various problems from the beginning with drug use and I found him messaging other women at the beginning of our relationship. I chose to stay and trust him. There has been more times I have seen on his phone that there is still messages for girls or online internet searches for girls to hook up with, I questioned this and was told it was his friend (his friend infact does have a track record of cheating on his partner and going to find escorts to hook up with) I believed it the first few times but this most recent time I just don’t believe it so I mentioned something to his friend. His friend was acting little shocked that I had even come out with that was saying my partner was disrespectful to him, I don’t know if that is because he’s annoyed my partner told me what he gets up too or if it was because he’s annoyed my partner would use him to get out of a situation.. I’m still going on and on about this for 2/3 weeks I just want to know the truth I feel so crazy because it’s like I feel as if I’m finding more pieces to the puzzle but no admitting. I have even tried to contact the girl in question and I didn’t get anywhere. I really do love this boy and I have put a lot into this relationship but I just want some advice on what to do because I really don’t know. He is getting fed up with me going on about it and we are constantly fighting but it’s something I cannot help it’s eating me alive it’s preventing me from sleeping and everything I don’t know what to do. Am I just being crazy and making myself ill over nothing or is there something that I am missing?
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