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  1. Many people say that it wasnt his job to talk to me about his life , even if i was asking. But he was the one keeping the contact. If this happened to me i would have told him 100% without waiting for him to ask or to pretend i am single. You always have to be clear to people u talk with what they are to u, especially if u had a romantic relation with them and now u are in a new one.
  2. I never said i dont have any fault in all these too. Mostly because i wasnt sure about my feelings for too long. Then when i was feeling more sure the situation was difficult cos of distance and i didnt know what to say. Anyway we both ed up for sure
  3. He didnt do something bad. He was lazy and i coudnt see a future at that point. He didnt have a job, he didnt try to change even when i was talking about it. So yes the answer is i was waiting for him to change.
  4. He never cheated on me if this is what u mean. I broke up with him cos he didnt have a job and have no plans for his future and i was tired of this. I wanted to see him change. Thats all.
  5. Unfortunately i have no idea about his relationship. He didnt want to say anything more about it. Just asking me to talk to him in person. So i dont know if she knows about me or not. I dont think tho that 2 people talking is cheating , even if its in person and even if they are ex. I woudnt sleep with him as long as he would be in a relation with another anyway and i dont think this is his purpose.
  6. Thank you guys for all your opinions. You are all helping me to think more clear. It was my mistake that things turned this way after all. I chose to break up. And said i was sure about that. I knew he still loved me. But allowed regular contact with him. Believing he will always be there till the time i will heal and be ready for our relationship again. But life moves on and people cant wait for you. I still think it was his bad that he tricked me about having no life so i woudnt ask anything personal, but yet i am to blame the most. I also pretended to be a friend to him and that i am cool a
  7. I woudnt call that cheating exactly. I mean we always did regular talking. I mean that i feel like i wont love anyone else.
  8. Yes i chose to break up. But the reasons are too long to explain. But i also tried to keep a distance. He kept in close contact. Making me harbour feelings for him and making me feel he is always there and cares. I decided that our love is strong and i wanted him back even before he told me that. I was just waiting for him to make a move. I dont even know how long he was dating. I matter too. If he doesnt love her he will leave her anyway, even if it was for me or not. He kept contacting me like nothing happened and trapped me in this mindset.
  9. If he wanted to move on it was fine by me , but he kept in contact and acting like nothing changed. Also i told him that we have nothing to talk about exactly cos he has feeling for someone else and he kept asking me not to block him and to wait till he comes. This confuses me even more cos he didnt say anything else about his relationship , just asking me to talk face to face. I even started to think that he lied to me about having a relationship, but i dont think he would continue it after he saw my reaction.
  10. It is sick , i know it too. U just feel u cant escape from it and nothing has meaning if u let go of this situation.
  11. Maybe. Maybe he would. And maybe he woudnt. I want him. But now i am not sure if i could even try again with him. I would always remember what happened. And i cant know if he will choose me or not if i wont ask. But i dont even know if it would matter anymore to ask. At least if he will say he is better in his new relationship, my pride will fly away but it will be a dealbreaker. Also i made some mistakes so i kinda blame myself too for the situation i am in.
  12. He woudnt respect it and i know it , i never reach out to him but i am sure he would eventually do it again.
  13. I dont know. To be honest , probably thinking that maybe he still wants me and that he got invlolved cos he was also single for too long (more than 1 year and i am sure for that) and also left to another place from where i live in, so things got complicated(he got involved only when he left). Also when we broke up i was the one to say that i am sure of my decision and that then acting always friendly to his messages. So he was thinking maybe i see him as a friend and somehow this was my fault. I am thinking that maybe all these years mean something to him too and that the connection he h
  14. It is a complicated situation. I meant it when i said i want to break up with him. Cos i needed to be alone and coudnt stand some problems that existed that time. But i didnt want to move to another person. Its just my feelings , sometimes u cant control everything , even if ur decisions are right ur emotions can be different.
  15. So I should just block him.. I already told him i will wait for him to talk. But i now have second thoughts. Cos i feel tired. He begged me not to block him, not to delete him like that. I told him he was my family and everything i loved and he said he feels the same. (while having a girlfriend!!!) I know he was trying to emotionally manipulate me and make me wait for him , i know i am too weak. And ofcourse he refused to talk more about that via the phone.
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