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  1. My best guess would be she rates people out of 10 and only ever wants a 10. She wants perfection. I have blocked her everywhere i can think of.
  2. 1st of all, apologies for replying to an old thread - even if it is one I started, but I wanted to give an update on how things have gone since wrote my initial piece. We kept in touch for around 6 weeks after the aforementioned break up, it was a mixture of confusion from my side and I suppose an initial inability to let go. I went to her house (mutually agreed upon) to have a proper discussion about why we broke up. Im exploring why I wanted this and did this through therapy - which I will get to shortly. Anyway - the discussion was not bad per se, I brou
  3. Thank you all for this, its great advice and support.
  4. Thank you for the super considerate and measured reply.
  5. Hey all, Im new to this forum (Hey!) found the link via google search. Looking for some advice on a recent break up i went through that is eating me up a little. Totally realise im a stranger and that this is my side of a 2 sided story, but thank you in advance. I met my EX 4 years ago, we took things slow to begin with as we both had children from prior relationships - but it went well. We have always done fun things together, going out, travelling etc and have always had a good level of intimacy. Last year, around June - she had a break down - largely driven by not fully addressing
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