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  1. It helps to hear the other side of it. My family sounds like your husbands. I’ve let go of him attending the silly get togethers. But I’d really like him to be there at Christmas. Did you attend holidays?
  2. All very helpful and lots to think about. Thank you lots
  3. True. Thanks for chatting it out. He does suffer general anxiety. I guess now I just have to figure out how to live with a marriage that is extremely different than what I had envisioned for myself and my children.
  4. Ya that seems most logical. With no explanation to my family about why he isn’t there? It feels so uncomfortable most times. His side has less get togethers but those give him anxiety too. I maintain many of the relationships on his side but he at least shows up to their holidays etc.
  5. Thank you for the response. He has told me that he doesn’t think certain family members like him and compare him to my sisters husband. I definitely agree they have quirks but I truly do not think they dislike or try to exclude him and often want him to be there. I’ve come to a place of asking him to only attend some things but even that is a battle.
  6. Looking for some advice. I am all out of ideas. My husband suffers from anxiety. This condition is fueled around my family side of the family and their get-togethers and holidays. This has not always been the case (early in dating and marriage things were ok). Now (about 7 years in) he refuses to attend most things. I’ve tried to be understanding but we have children and showing up alone so much is becoming pretty saddening to me and I’m struggling explaining how well-meaning people are causing him stress and anxiety. I usually try and make up an excuse to diffuse the questions. My husband and I have gotten in countless fights about this topic. At this point, I feel sad and defeated. I have always been really close to my family. I’m not sure if I should confide in someone, leave things be, or what?
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