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  1. I didn’t use her for slave labor. I took her to work everyday because she wanted to work. She works with her relatives. I contacted the police to get a copy of the police report, but they didn’t make one. Also the police told her relatives not to call again for no reason. I’m not doing this for spite. I don’t see any alternatives.
  2. I live in the USA. She is about 16 weeks. She did live with her parents in Vietnam. The divorce can’t be final until February because of child custody.
  3. One thing I’m embarrassed about is her relatives called the police when we having the argument. Nothing happened when the police came. They didn’t even make a police report. The police told her relatives not to call them again. I’ve asked her if I could talk to her in person but she doesn’t answer. I’m afraid to go to see her at work because I’m afraid her relatives will call the police on me. I’ve told the attorney to proceed with the divorce.
  4. The Doctor told me because I am authorized on her account because she doesn’t speak English very well. Another thing is before she came. Someone in Vietnam messaged me and told me she was cheating on me. She asked me to trust her and I did. I don’t think she understands how it looks I also feel like when I text her, it’s not her talking to me. I think she lets her relatives talk for her.
  5. To start I married someone from Vietnam. I knew her for 5 years, met here in Vietnam to propose, and brought her here then married her. When she came here she knew she would live with my parents. While I work on and fix a house next door. My parents need me to stay with them to help financially. We had an argument and my parents joined in. Now she is staying at her relatives saying she will not return to this house. She wants us to get an apartment together. I told her that my parents won’t be able to afford this place and it not like we would be living in the same house once the o
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