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  1. Something like that's what I'm thinking of doing and probably will. Thank you!
  2. I'm actually very shy and have a difficulty when talking to new people. But I've thought a lot about joining different groups because of what you say. I do want to change. Also I play sports so I have some oxygen thankfully, I just have to dedicate some of it to my family. Thank you!
  3. I always listened to my friend or gave her advice if she asked, I was always on the phone when she wanted to talk to me or needed me. I learned to be a good listener and when not to talk. But I guess it was too late. I dont think it'd be a good thing to reconcilliate just yet, we both knew this wasn't healthy anymore. Regarding pets, I explained it two responses above. I gave myself to misunderstand. The first 3 pets they brought them in their own and of course i help a lot and I love them. The kitten, my mom broguht it and one week later asked me if i wanted to keep it. Still I understa
  4. Please don't misunderstand me. My family adopted on their own the first 3 pets, they brought the kitten and after some days asked me if I'd wanted it. I guess you're right anyway. Thank you for the advice, I liked the routine one.
  5. We live together and we are constantly interacting, I never close my door and we talk a lot throughout the day. But that doesn't count as "spending time with them" that's just like the usual. I really liked your advice and will take it. Thank you
  6. Sorry I dont know how to use this platform very well but my response is above.
  7. 1. My friend has a lot of serious problems in her life that I wasnt able to understand because I've lived a privileged life. So I failed every time trying to support her. Also she wouldn't be my priority due to my studies, sport, and I didn't feel very comfortable playing a game with her or watching movies, and i told her the truth because we always maintained an open communication and that of course resulted on distancing herself. 2. Yes it goes beyond time. I'm very self-centered, like I'm always thinking about me and never about anyone else. That's like my main problem because it shapes
  8. My girlfriend left me one year ago, now my best friend left me recently, my family is demanding me time with them because I barely dedicate it to them. I have 4 pets, one a little kitty and they are very demanding. A little more of context: I'm a university student and this semester I'm taking too many courses, so I have my time really strict, although I can withdraw some of them to decrease the academic load. So I'm very conflicted right now because 1. My beat friend left me because I'm not a good friend, I'm selfish and it is VERY hard for me to think about other people, and I hate it.
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