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  1. Today I decided to have sex with the guy I am seeing. But we had to stop because I was hurting down there because I cut myself shaving. So we had to stop he asked me if I would give him oral I told him no. So then he said that’s probably why your ex left you for his ex because she gave him oral than he was going into detail what she would do to him. I got upset and walked out of his house he tried stopping me telling me it was just a joke. That hurt my feelings.
  2. He don’t have a drug problem
  3. No he didn’t have a drinking issue
  4. My ex fiancé of 8 months cheated on me with his toxic ex than dumped me in October 2020. He got engaged to his ex in January 2021 and got married a few days ago. What I don’t understand is why now they were off and on again for 9 years why now get married when I was in the picture. He had 9 years to ask her to be his wife.Me and him were supposed to be married in December 22 2020. It’s like a slap in my face.
  5. It's not fair that my ex who cheated on me and then left me for his ex gets to be happy and so in love. While I am alone, depressed angry, and lonely. And I can't find someone else. Why does he get to be happy after what he did to me?
  6. My ex left me for his toxic ex. It's been a month now and.he still pays for my iPhone 11 that he bought me and pays for my cell phone service. The cell phone service is his account I really don't like the fact that he can see everyone I call. He has moved on and is back with his kids mom. Why would he pay for my phone and service?
  7. I I was with my fiance for 8 months, we were going to be married on December 22, 2020. So I thought. Then my fiance all of a sudden said he needed space, we did have a few issues but they were not that bad it turns out while we were on this break he slept with his kids mom. Which they were together for 9 years off and on. He vowed to me that he would never be with her. That she cheated on him a lot of times she was abusive to him and his other kids. Why would he do this to me? He said it was a big mistake that he would never do it to me again. So I took him back. A week later he tells me over the phone that he's done with me again. That was not the same with us anymore. Then I kept texting him why I didn't understand why he wanted to end things again. He texted me that he didn't love me anymore, that I was bugging him to stop texting him, leave him alone. Now he's just gone haven't heard from him for a week now. How can someone that says they love you and want to marry you lie straight to your face? I thought he really loved me, I am so hurt and heartbroken .I heard today that he went back to his kids mom, that's why he left me. And because I was showing him too much attention and that I annoyed him ...But that is so hurtful after everything she has done for him. Why would he leave me someone that would never cheat on him, someone that truly loved him, he used to tell me how happy and in love he was with me. I don't understand all this.
  8. Update. I went to my ex house today and give him back the engagement ring and all I said was I came over to give you this. The only thing he said to me was Calm down.
  9. Why would someone do this to people make them believe all the lies I don't understand
  10. Well @poorlittlefish He hasn't seen his ex, which is his son's mother for a year, she got out of rehab on Sunday to see their son for the day he started acting cold and distant towards me all week than on Sunday the day he was going to see her he told me that he needed space. And I am not sure if this is why he is acting like this to me.
  11. Because I want answers to why he is doing this to me. Than I tell him to end the relationship and he won't he just keeps saying that I acting pathetic.
  12. I was with my fiance for 8 months and all of a sudden he said he needed space ,he said I was to clingy and smothering him .I was in shock ,we had an amazing weekend together a few days before he dropped this bomb I have called him and texed him asking him why he is doing this to me ,we were supposed to be married in December, he is the one that set a date for us to be married. When I call or text him for answers, asking him why he is doing this, he has been saying some real cruel things to me.He said things like, are you going to sit around and blow up my phone all night you have absolutely else to do than sit around all day consumed in me it's annoying, you are pathetic you are not retarted have some self respect or at least fake you need to stop acting pathetic So I tell him to end things and he just tells me that he doesn't have to do to quit making excuses to text him that I am acting like a 12 year old and he is annoyed. I am so hurt I don't understand what I did wrong.
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