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  1. it seems to add up but... As I said, I don't know for sure what happened
  2. Sorry, I'm confused... Wary of what?
  3. I am separated yes, also for around a year. My children are younger, 2 and 4. Hes told me that he ended it as he just didn't feel the same about her anymore. That the romantic side to their relationship had ended long ago but at first she had refused to accept it. But in time it became more of a mutual split. And although I don't know for sure that this is what happened I am inclined to believe him as anything I have seen and heard seems to back up his version of events. They get along fine and he has the children regularly.
  4. I do think overall he is a good person yes. Or I did until he started wanting sex if he found out I was meeting someone that day. Now I am a little confused. Hence why the sex is now alot less often, as the more he pushes for it before I go out the more hesitant I am because I don't know his reasons and if its for the reasons i think it could be, in that he thinks I will be less likely to have sex with someone else, then that puts me off as I should think he should know by now that I wouldnt anyway as I am not that kind of person. I have never had sex on a first date before and he knows this.
  5. I have not really been having sex with him fr a few weeks now. Only a couple of times. We use protection. And I can't have any more children as I was sterilised following a cesarean with my youngest
  6. I know some. We talk alot, about most things. He has said that he does not want a relationship right now, his reason was that he has not long come out of a long term relationship with the mother of his children, they broke under a year ago and he is focusing all of his energy on making the transition as smooth as possible for the children. They are only young 6 and 9.
  7. I understand that but I shouldn't need to worry about his feelings since he has pretty much said he's OK with it and everyone on this thread has said they don't believe he has any feelings towards me anyway
  8. I don't tell him when I have been on a date, sometimes it comes up that I am meeting someone that day or the next for example because he asks. He often asks where I am and what im doing. Or if we're hanging out in the morning for coffee or having lunch or something he'll ask what I'm doing later that day. I'm not going to lie to him. But I also don't go shouting it from the roof tops to try and provoke a reaction
  9. We weren't really friends beforehand. We have only known each other for a few months
  10. I'm not saying I agree that he is in the same place I am but he didn't specifically say only FWB. He said he wasn't looking for a relationship right now. And yes, I know that that translates to "I'm not interested in a relationship with you".
  11. How is being open and honest a bad thing? Also... I say again, I have already been changing my behaviour towards him.
  12. I tell him because we always tell each other everything, as far as I am aware anyway. It's what we always said we would do. To be open and honest. Is that not where the friendship plays a part?
  13. While I get where you're coming from with most of this my judgement is far from clouded. I have literally said in my posts that I know things will not go any further. Also, as I said, we have not been having sex the same recently as I have pulled back from that. I was just looking to see what peoples thoughts were, more specifically on the part where he always seems to want sex when he thinks I am going on a date as that baffles me a little
  14. Just because he always wants sex before I go does not mean he gets it. Infact, I have rarely had sex with him. Just lately. I have only been on a couple of dates but since the first one a few weeks ago I have only had sex with him a couple of times. I have not had sex with anyone else in that time either. I pulled back a little on that side whilst I tried to figure out why he was behaving the way he was and the more he tries to have sex before I meet someone, the more I have slowed things in that respect. He knows I am not a confident person and struggle with dating and meeting new p
  15. In what way would you say he's not?
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