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  1. At this point I don’t get anything from it but anxiety depression and tears. I didn’t wanna let go for fear of being alone but in reality i’m alone anyway so realizing that is prompting me to leave
  2. They always think they can do no wrong. He always points the finger and is an overly defensive person. He does nothing to correct a situation. He has no problem getting behind the wheel drunk either so i really fear he will kill an innocent person driving drunk. Thank you for your input. It helps.
  3. My best friend is the only one who knows everything i’ve stated in my post. I’m too embarrassed to tell my parents. I’ve told them he drinks a little too much but I didn’t mention the extent or the abusive actions. I do agree its time to tell it all to them because i’d hate to turn around once i leave.
  4. Thank you, i know i have some decisions to make
  5. No we don’t live together. I want too Block and leave but its like i keep waiting or hoping for a change but i know deep down it won’t happen
  6. The abusive alcoholic Its been a while since i’ve been here but i need help. Im suffering as the guy i’ve been with for a year has been awful to me. Im embarrassed and ashamed. He is a functioning narcissistic alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge it. He says he drinks to relax. Well large bottles of straight liquor a day to me is not relaxing as one glass of wine is. He”s an angry drunk too. He refuses to spend time with me now, has poor hygiene won’t tend to his foot odor, won’t brush his teeth, spends only about 2 minutes in shower so he never really smells good, has verbally abused me
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