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  1. Hi Its been 7 months since my split from my ex girlfriend. Now from the vile abuse she give me, it hit hard. I started to question myself as a person. I took therapy to help deal with the trauma i put myself and my head in and it helped massively. A while back though when i was struggling, i reaced out to my ex girlfriends ex boyfriend purely to seek answers. Basically asking did she behave in the ways she did to me ie inducing jealously, lying about married men messaging her, guilt trips, silent treatements etc. I never heard anything back. Then out the blue i get more abuse of the ex gi
  2. Hi I wish for some advice regards an insecurity I've reflected I possess within me and would like to work and correct. A person I was very close to, now has a real negative opinion of me, called me some awful things and has completely blocked me from everywhere. I have this need and feeling to reach out and prove to that person that their opinion of me is wrong and that I am nothing like what has been said about me. Your help and advice is appreciated.
  3. There both in there mid 30's by the way. I've since spoke more and he's told me a bit more about it. Not only has she said this to him, but also claims that lads she went to school with in her year, who are now married where messaging her asking her out for dates, now I said to him ok this doesn't seem right to me, again why is she saying this to you?think about it. It certainly seems that she is insecure, has a high opinion of herself and that she wants him to validate her, and as you say, wants her to feel grateful he has her as she in her eyes has a choice of any man. I could accept this
  4. Hi I've requested advise off this site before and it hasn't half helped. So I'm asking a question for my friend. He said that his girlfriend told him.... "We had a school reunion a while back, I didn't go but word got back to me that I was the one that all the lads wanted to sleep with" Now my immediate reaction to that to my friend is she's full of herself and has a very high opinion of herself. But he is infatuated with her so I said I'd post and ask for third party advice. I think if it was me I would end it as she comes across as one that needs validating feeding her ego
  5. I have looked in self reflection to this and i just didnt speak up properly when i felt a bit uncomfortable about the pace it seemed to be going, i was looking through the rose tinted lens looking back now, so i have learned to well if it appears to good to be true, it probably is and to speak up and let my point be known, or walk away.
  6. I did roll with it and it was/felt great. As i never experienced it before i was hooked. I also gave compliments out also. What threw me was the way a certain thing she didn't like or agree with, she would immediately question it as i say hot and cold. It didnt make sense to me as one day she calls me perfect for example then the next it would be questioning maturity. Then when things were ok, it was back to "normal". I've certainly learned from this experience, as it felt like a whirlwind, because of the early marriage talk instigated by her, and because of how charming etc she was early door
  7. Hi So it's been 3 months since I split up, and I been on a path of loving myself again. My question being, when I've reflected on what had happened in the relationship, I wish to know if she was in fact love bombing or something alike. 3/4 weeks in I was being called "husband material" Before I'd even met her mum, she was claiming that her mum was looking forward to meeting her future son in law 5/6 weeks in I was her soul mate and she said I love you Consistent praise and compliments, I always reciprocated them back, as at the start for example obviously when first datin
  8. It's been over for 2 months as I say and I'm moving on, just logged back on and seen the replies so thought I'd best reply back
  9. I think you've missed the point here mate, it's not like I forgot, I acted on impulse, I'm single and have been for 2 months, I've only just logged back on. It's besides the point as what she said was irrelevant to what the issue was, I just seen it as points scoring, it's the first time I'd not put arrangements first as I was excited to do such a thing, but to me, yes I made a small error, was the first time I'd actually made said mistake, I feel as though she brought that up to score points and get one up over me basically putting herself on a pedestal, this was all with the ex and I believe
  10. Well basically as i've explained in a previous post. We was meant to spend a weekend away together and i forgot to put arrangements in place for my kids first before booking said weekend. An honest mistake. She didnt take t that very well. So a couple of days after that particular discussion, a big text came through. Now before i continue, i want to mention that we were both reciprocal with each other and each others kids, she was brill with mine and i cant fault her for that. in part of the message i received was "... Im not being harsh but every weekend is restricted for us because you hav
  11. Hi I had a nasty split 2 months ago and it was 100% the right decision to end it as I seen a real nasty, horrible side to her. But every now and again, thoughts and feelings keep flooding my head on how much i miss the sex and intimate times i had with her, it was out this world. Missing how gorgeous looking she was, her stunning body and all this. I know this is shallow but I feel stuck with these thoughts. I'm asking for advice on how to help rid these thoughts and feelings I have for my ex regarding the sexual chemistry we had. Your help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi To help me heal and grow from a recent break up. I'm currently attempting to understand signs for future reference. Just have one question. What does it mean when somebody/partner does a genuine good deed for you, but later uses that good deed against you in an argument? Its like their throwing the good deed they've done back in my face? Thanks in advance.
  13. I was ready to date, everything was explained how she was from day one, she accepted that and was OK. I make one mistake of bad planning because it was me who wanted to adjust the routine, ie have the weekend away. Just feel now after everyones input it was a huge overreaction, and if i was her so called "soul mate" which she used quite frequent, this would have been an easy fix. If you love someone, you love there imperfections too, i felt that way about her, quite clear she didnt about me now. I was sucked in. i'm gonna hang off dating now for a while.
  14. SherrySher: You're right. I try to understand where she is coming from also, that she has her own kids and arrangements to make, far easier for her to do so as they live with her. But i agree with you now and you've made me understand the situation better. I've not been in many relationships before, and i suppose i am to easy and fold to try and please all. We are no longer together, but again, thank you for your honest and sound advice. It is appreciated.
  15. I know hand on heart I didn't say anything to purposely hurt her, it was a genuine mistake which I felt comfortable talking about to her, she's telling me that she "can't get out of her head if the kids mum is not OK with it, then we would have to rearrange and go another time as you can't not see my kids" says she feels second best, and I understand that it looks like the kids mum says jump and I say how high, I understand that, but I was honest with her from the start and she's witnessed what the kids mum can be like with me, looking on reflection maybe she wants me stand my ground, and I ge
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