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  1. I think everyone misses the point here. Yes I know the constant affection is a problem and had stopped smothering him ever since the start of June, that was when I started working on myself. It's strange though because my previous relationship was different because I was never seeking out constant affection but the moment I went into this one, the need for constant affection happened. It doesn't happen on a daily basis. I don't ask for constant reassurance every single days since I would often keep the feelings to myself. Talking on a daily basis with him is a different story. I told him if he
  2. I'd say start of June, he tried to put in more effort but it wasn't working for him.
  3. Constant affection as in talking to him nonstop and asking him for reassurance
  4. My ex (29M) broke up with me near the end of July, his main reason was that he had lost feelings for me and thought it would have lasted longer?? We've been dating for 5 months and never had any arguments that would drive him away. There are other reasons too that causes this break up according to his words such as lifestyle and personality differences (which I found to be BS because our personality aren't majorly different). He just couldn't see this relationship in long term but yet he doesn't know what he wants in a relationship or what to do in life career wise. He said he doesn't want to
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